Divine Order Lyrics By Sahbabii

Divine Order Lyrics By Sahbabii
Divine Order Lyrics By Sahbabii


Sahbabii Divine Order Lyrics, When it get tough, it’s gon’ get tougher
And when it’s rough, it’s gon’ get rougher
I tried to keep my niggas close like we had the same mother

Yeah, this world fucked, but I’ll take the blame for it (I’ll take the blame)
We gon’ pull up on that block and grow a rainforest
(Grow a rain)
If he got two ears and one nose, nigga, aim for it (Nigga, aim)
We gon’ make him pay for it

Funeral bills, they family gon’ have to pay for ’em
Is Jesus real? That nigga never came for us
Why they tryna put this curse on us?
They doing black magic, but that shit will nеver work on us

The story already rеal, we moving in divine order
Like Scarface said, my mind playing tricks on me
In my peripheral see the guys with that blick on me
I grabbed my gun and turned around, ain’t see shit homie

But I’m riding with that stick on me
Don’t be scared to say you love me (Don’t be scared)
It’s all love, I won’t go big on you (I won’t go big)
You said you’d never leave my side, why you renig on me? Why you Renig?

Couple of you so-called homies ain’t tryna’ flip nothing
If you won’t die for this shit then what you stunting for?
If they some killers, I’ma motherfucking cannibal
Them niggas human, I’m a motherfucking animal

Excuse a nigga from his life like I got manners, bro
And when I think about you dying, make me madder, bro (It make me madder, bro)
And when I’m thinking in the night I’m having dreams (I’m having dreams)
Them dreams feeling so real, feel like we live them
I be so mad when I wake up out my sleep, damn (Sleep, damn)

It’s another chapter (Chapter)
You gotta’ cherish every moment and enjoy the laughter (Laughter)
We had some laughs so hard we felt it in out bladder (Bladder)
And when I think about them times that shit make me sadder (Sadder)

You used to smile with a chipped tooth
When a nigga ever played and we didn’t shoot
He’ll step on four niggas at five points, just me and you (Just me and you)
You was a dark skin nigga named Pookie Pook’ (Pookie Pook’)

On the block, everybody tried to tease you
(Tried to tease you)
But we was taught you was my cuz’, what did I see in you?
(What did I see in you?)
I recorded songs in the studio, I believed in you
(I believed in you)
And you could never sit still that’s just the street in you
(That’s just the street in you)