Downfall – Primitive Reality Lyrics

[Downfall – Primitive Reality Lyrics]

Don’t you fucking look away
You’ve seen it all and now you’re disgusted
Wasted every second you prayed
A bleeding heart with a soul that’s rusted

World failed you (and all you trusted)
Eat, Fuck, Kill (is all we wanted)

Total collapse
Killing us off
No resources for those at fault
A politician
A loaded gun
Nothing left for him
Paint the walls in blood

Primitive reality
Abandoned cars left in the street
No laws
No currency
Fist fuck your dystopian dream

Now you’ve seen hell in me
The limits of humanity

Saving your life
By killing your dream
Slave to a screen
Never free
No fake solution
No reform
Your life’s in the eye of the storm
I beg for an end
A solar flare

Primitive reality

No lament for purists
The bosses office gutted
Cities turned to forests
World deconstructed