ECOWAS Appointed Bbnaija’s Ozo As Youth Ambassador

ECOWAS Appointed BBNaija’s Ozo As Youth Amba**ador
ECOWAS Appointed Bbnaija’s Ozo As Youth Amba**ador


Ex Bbnaija’s lockdown season partner Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, aka Ozo, has recently been appointed by ECOWAS as Youth Amba**ador The reality TV star took to his Instagram page to share the good news with his followers and fans By sharing a photo of his appointment letter, the Imo state native agrees to fulfill his responsibilities to the best of his ability.



”he wrote.

“There are no limits with a pinch of hope. We have opportunities in life to influence and impact not only our lives and that of our family but also society It is a great pride and honor to continue being a great Amba**ador for ECOWAS and my society. With great privilege comes great responsibility and that we do not all deviate from this mentality,