#EndSARS memorial: HURIWA charges youths, seize power in 2023

Emmanuel Onwubiko [born Emmanuel Nnadozie De Santacruz Onwubiko] and presently he heads the Human Rights Writers’ a**ociation of Nigeria (HURIWA). Nigerian journalist of eighteen years standing, he worked for seven … Onwubiko and his group HURIWA had also called on the nation’s travelers.

HURIWA has accused Nigerian youths of engagement in civic activities ahead of the 2023 general elections on the one year memorial of the Lekki incident where many youths protesting bad governance were allegedly killed by the Nigerian Army, the national coordinator of the group, Emmanuel Onwubiko said the best way to end the marginalization of youths was to get involved in politics and run for electoral districts.

Following the one-year memorial demonstrations happening by some activists in some parts of the country, the rights group urged the youths to shun violence but should use other methods to register their grievances.

According to HURIWA, the youths need to empower themselves academically in a bid to solve the alleged human rights violation by security operatives, He said, “Nigerian youths should stay out of trouble, avoid violence, but should speak out in defense of their fundamental human rights as active citizens of Nigeria.

“We are urging the youths not to get involved in crimes but to meaningfully embrace the pursuit of knowledge, education, and capacity building and expose all acts of human rights violations unleashed on citizens by law enforcement officials and to demand redress.

However, HURIWA reckoned that the youths should a**emble to join organizations in administrative camps to take over control democratically in 2023”.