Fauness – Mystery Lyrics

Fauness – Mystery Lyrics

Missing persons number has changed since
I last saw you that Saturday when
I thought that you were to blame
For her leaving

Then I realised she knew many others
They called themselves “friends” but they weren’t
I think they pushed her spirit away

Always was a delicate flower
That’s what they call fragile power

RIP Mystery
Last seen walking to the sea
RIP Mystery
Now it’s just her memory
Wearing blue
On the sand
In the rain
Lost my voice
When I called
Out her name

Took too many pictures of her
Camera-shy she could not offer
A pretty that the world understands

But still you know she liked the attention
Can’t ever forget when she laughed and whispered
“Contradiction it makes me who I am”

I always wanted to hold on
Woke up one day and she was gone

If someone told you she’d be back by January
Would you believe?
I miss her everyday but all we can do is grieve
And sing

(thinking about her endlessly
She didn’t say but she was free
Thinking about her endlessly)

I looked up and saw her there
Or at least I think it was her, Mystery
It sounds like a dream but it wasn’t

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