Hiphop Africa & CLE Cashout – Foreign Lyrics

Foreign Lyrics By Hiphop Africa & CLE Cashout

All my cars is foreign , all my bitches foreign
You ain’t talking bout figures keep shut it’s so annoying
And the way my hitters sliding now is so alarming
Every time a niqqa ball yeah I keep scoring

still on top, Like an icing
All my cars enticing
Beat niqqaz up like Tyson

Act like a beast, long I’m getting rich
Ion give a fuck bout a bitch
Work my ass out ion know how to wish
Someone tell me how I’m gon miss

All my choppers got a beam
I showed niqqaz how to scheme
Ain’t no rat in my team/2x

Pull up and shut it down
Call me big homie now
Ain’t gotta slow it down
Pussy niqqa pay all you owe me now

I got AK 47 watch me burst it till it click
All we want is action niqqa we don’t wanna hear you speak

All my niqqaz slanging iron
You dripping sauce, we dripping venom
Drop this shit, its going viral
I’m just waiting for the wire

Hairs wet, need a dryer
Ion even know my desires
Off the pill fuck for hours
Then I might buy her some flowers

Shawty told me she ain’t trynna fuck me for the bands
I know that’s a lie cos she gon still fuck on my friends
All these killings makes no sense
I’m just living life no stress