“I’m Sure Phyna Is Already Home” Eloswag Tells Chomzy And Doyin In Level 3

Eloswag tells Chomzy and Doyin
Eloswag tells Chomzy and Doyin



Recall that Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy who were Evicted from the Game during yesterday’s Live Eviction Show were sent into Level 3 as Biggie’s Guests, and they have settled in well.
Following the introduction of Fake Housemates and Riders to spice up this unpredictable season of BBNaija.

Biggie activated yet another twist last night during the Live Show.

Evicted Housemates Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag were ushered into Level 3 as Biggie’s guests

Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag were evicted but were moved to a level 3 house and they are not in competition for the money anymore.

The evicted housemates did not know about this twist as they thought they were still in the race for the grand prize.

However, earlier this morning, Chomzy revealed to Eloswag that she knows that she can’t be evicted.

Eloswag also replies that she is very sure that Phyna is already at home.

The 2 of them thought they haven’t been evicted and this made the fans mock them.

Some of the fans also complained about Chomzy and Eloswag hating on Phyna while mocking the 2 housemates who thought that they were not evicted.


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