Jay1 – DND Lyrics

DND Lyrics By Jay1

I see them f*ck boys hating again
Still talking all that sh*t but they ain’t making a change
Byare bullsh*t in the game, had me taking a break
Now I’m back g raising the flame
Oi it’s so peak
When you were beating, I was jugging for the whole week [walking into the studio with a lv

I was in the studio with dylan getting no sleep
I had no ps, it was lonely, I’m getting paper now these fakers wanna know me
I’m the jiggiest n**** in co
n***** know my mean flow
Give me couple months and watch my ps grow
Whipping round the city with my seat low
And if your Mrs in the pa**y then I’ll tell her give me deep throat
She s*cking my willy, I’m counting this milli, im flowing like silly, I’m back and I promise I’m

Winning, n***** try to mock the kid I swear to god now it’s different, I made a milli just by
Taking your Mrs.. Little f*ck boy
So watch now watch in 2022, you motherf*ckers have to dead me cos I’m taking every
Move, look I’m back.. And swear down I’m murking every tune, better keep an eye on jay
Because the album coming soon
I can’t believe I gave these idiots clout

See em chatting are they really about
This year I went ghost and still made a silly amount
Ain’t gunna lie it weren’t a million pounds
Let me keep it real
These rappers talk but me I keep it sealed
These rappers fake but I keep it trill
How you talking like your clear when you can’t even complete your deal
I know your stressed take time go heal..

Lil f*cker
So let’s be honest you ain’t flexing like we do,
Cos I can violate and take the piss if I need too
But dylan told me jay your a clean yute
So if a n**** talk sh*t I take his b*tch out for seafood
Nah f*ck that sh*t, let me cut that sh*t,

Label tried to offer… Told them up that b*tch
People took me for some pr*ck and try to rob my sh*t
And everyone who violated, you can s*ck my
Verse 10 (last scene)
And were not scam boys, we living it nice
I use to pay the waiter nuttin now I’m tipping him twice
My n**** said I spend bare but g I’m living my life
Rich boy paying minimum price..