Judd Apatow & Jim Gaffigan Condemn For Comments On Chris Rock, Will Smith’s Beef

Judd Apatow & Jim Gaffigan
Judd Apatow & Jim Gaffigan

Everyone’s got an opinion. It’s been a chaotic afternoon on the internet, as millions of people across the planet chime in on the ongoing debate about whether Will Smith was justified in his decision to slap 57-year-old Chris Rock across the face while on stage at the Oscars last night for making disappointing jokes about his wife.
So far, we’ve heard from 50 Cent, who praised the comedian for his decision to opt-out of filing a police report, Nicki Minaj, who agreed with the father of three’s decision to take physical action, and of course, Ja Rule, who couldn’t help but chime in after he began trending on Twitter earlier thanks to a Dave Chappelle joke from some time ago.
While the aforementioned stars’ opinions received a warm welcome online, two white performers – Judd Apatow and Jim Gaffigan – have been facing tremendous backlash for sharing their thoughts on the Rock-Smith drama.
In a since-deleted post, the latter wrote, “I’m still disgusted. We don’t deserve the brilliance of @chrisrock. ‘When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,’ – Donald Trump and Will Smith.” The comparison earned the stand-up comic a considerable amount of criticism, and he later admitted to missing the mark.
“Okay bad comparison on my part,” he began early this morning. “I was trying to make a point but it doesn’t matter. FYI, I didn’t think the joke was brilliant. I said Chris Rock is brilliant. I still do and we don’t deserve his brilliance. Please continue to defend against physical assault. It says so much.”

As ET Canada reports, “Knocked Up” director Judd Apatow was also faced with hate from social media users and tweeting and deleting a post that’s been dubbed as dramatic. “He could have killed him,” Apatow speculated.
“That’s pure out-of-control rage and violence. [Will and Jada] have heard a million jokes about them in the last three decades. They are not freshmen in the world of Hollywood and comedy. He lost his mind.”

That’s not the only thing that the 54-year-old New Yorker posted and then removed from his page last night; other uploads saw him tag Amy Schumer, warning her to watch out for Smith at the Vanity Fair party, and suggesting that the actor’s wife would’ve been able to throw a better punch than him – check it out below.