Kelvin Cubana Chief Priest’s Sister Husband Defends Maria Over Scandal

Kelvin, Cubana, Maria
Kelvin, Cubana, Maria


Last weekend, Cubana Chief Priest went to a page with over 3 million followers on Instagram to call Maria for the snatching of his sister’s husband, Kelvin.

Well, Kelvin’s brother has defended the reality star as it is shown live on that Maria is the hardworking woman whose efforts have taken her this far, He stressed that Maria has worked with Emirates Airlines for years and the energy she puts into what she does has brought her this far.

Kelvin’s brother, however, pointed out the fact that when Maria was at BBNaija’s house, she stood her ground to avoid situations that also speak loudly about her personality.

He added that Nigerians always think that fair-skinned and beautiful ladies can easily get what they want from any man, saying that people should stop tarnishing the image of Mary and his brother.