King Monada slaps a fan who is harassing him at a show (Video)

King Monada
King Monada

Extremely experienced South African music maker, King Monada angrily hit a fan while performing at a show late.
Days after Kabza De Small moved over pummeling a fan in Botswana, the Limpopo artist likewise got people talking.

In a video that surfaced via online entertainment, Monada was seen performing in front of an audience while individuals near the stage put forth an attempt to contact him.
Apparently, the vocalist was set off in the wake of being bothered, as a couple of people put forth an attempt to contact his private part.
As opposed to censuring or leaving off the stage, he angrily slapped the fan.
A couple of people extolled his demonstration, as there’s been a racket among performers against individuals who go to their shows just to bother them.