Kodak Black reacts to the viral video of him fumbling his mother

Kodak Black
Kodak Black


Famous American rapper Bill Kahan Kapri, famously known by his stage name (Kodak Black) aforementioned Saturday live on Instagram went to the video, which spread on the Internet. This video shows Kodak sexually grabbing his mother. Kodak Black begins live streaming, saying that his father left him at a young age while his mom continued to take care of the family.

“When I see my mom, bro, I adore her, bro,” Kodak said. “I kiss her feet, bro, what are you talking about, boy … Some of you niggas don’t even yell at your mom. Some of you niggas don’t even call your mom, bro. Some of you niggas don’t even spend time with your mom, bro.

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Kodak’s Instagram rant continues when he asks fans how they expect to “love a bitch” if they don’t love their own mothers.

“She doesn’t stumble. I don’t care what you talk about, nigga, Kodak yells into his phone. “I grabbed my mom because I treat my mom like my lady, nigga. This is my queen, nigga.

Kodak goes on to say that nothing happened to his mother other than touching her butt, and his intention is to make his mother feel “really beautiful.” “I don’t fuck my mom, we don’t do crazy shit,” Kodak explained live.

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“I grab her like I’m making her feel truly beautiful. I remind my mom: “You are beautiful, I screwed up because of you, mom, I love you.” He then goes on to talk about people discussing the video, rather than being “in a good mood,” following the rapper’s recent tweets.

According to Complex, Kodak Black recently posted several suicidal tweets and his decision to remove social media. The rapper later updated his Instagram account after the incident, stating that he had a “great support system” and “surrounded by love,” but “someone put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the point where I can’t tell. but overall I’m fine. “