KUR – Sheist Lyrics

Sheist Lyrics By KUR

I was on La Cienega when I thought of this
I was on two bananas when I finally caught the drift,
Out here, fishing
Looking for a chance
And I finally caught the sh*t…
2k what I just paid for some pants

Don’t know why I brought the sh*t
I ain’t never cry a b*tch
When I notice, n***** ain’t support my sh*t,
Feel like me and n***** really lost the bond
And now we just forcing it

How u go from a Crown Vic to Lasabe
To ending up porschin it
Everyday that I wake up,
I live like I’m paid
I let go of normal sh*t,
I got a bag,

But it ain’t no need to brag, cus it’s always more to get,
I look out for all of my people and make sure we eating
I just don’t record the sh*t
Before we f*ck,
She always was busy,
I f*cked now she always was bored as sh*t,

I got a bag but it ain’t no need to brag, cuz it’s always more to get,
Lost a few b*tches
But naw I ain’t trippin
I hopped on a boat,
It was more to fish,

Only gon give a b*tch two times,
To ignore my sh*t
Then I’m off the b*tch,
Lotta n***** on the side line
They ain’t in the game,
They just talking sh*t

Lil Gwan
From the 79
He done turnt it up
He a walking lick
Had to learn from the lessons,
Life threw at me,
That’s how I was taught this sh*t

Cheated on my girl she don’t even want me to touch her
She thinkin I caught some sh*t
I ont want n***** around me who look at me side ways,
When I brought some sh*t,

Welcome to my life ain’t pretty,
Where I’m from, sheist
Get gritty,
Welcome all the 79 members,
Welcome to the DC Committee
thinking what if E he was wit me
Living up the street from the stu
Telling him and P come get me,
Flying it got wings on the Bentley

I just got wings
Went to David’s,
Still the same bull I’m from Philly
Said she want smoke,
Told her hit me,
I be on goat sh*t,

I’m billy
b*tches that I stroke super pretty
Had to ghost
she too friendly
Writing in my notes,
Need a milli
I was on post wit a glizzy

n***** let it off til it’s empty
n***** let it off til it’s em
I made sacrifice after sacrifice
So we all could win,
I made,
In the end I start losing friends,

I gave
Everything in me,
Jus tryna go big,
I paved,
The way for you n*****,
You n***** is kids,
I prayed,

For everything that I got now,
And it happen quick
I laid,
Wit some of the baddest b*tches,
I’m talking all tens,

Taking these tens all day,
A menace to society like I’m Larenz no Tate
if I sell my soul
I like what is my friends gon say?
In the truck in I’m smoking and Brent Faiyaz been on play
I’m talking to Wan
And he told me he could do this sh*t all day,
If this rapping ain’t work, I woulda got rich one day

Rich someway,
If this rapping ain’t work,
I woulda got rich one day,
If this rapping ain’t work,
I woulda got rich someway,
If this rapping ain’t work, I still woulda got rich