Lai Mohammed Accuses The Media Against Fake News

Lai Mohammed Charges The Media Against Fake News

Information and Culture Minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed urged the media to protect themselves from fake news and misinformation, saying they can lead to unrest in society He said “As we all know, fake news, misinformation and hate speech can lead to civil unrest and also have a negative impact on our national cohesion, so we must avoid this practice. Lai Mohammed also asked the media to always verify the information before releasing it to the public.

“I want to reiterate my call to the media to establish a desk to verify all the information at their disposal before its dissemination “I have observed that some media have launched this process and I congratulate them greatly for this patriotic act. I urge others to emulate this worthy example by setting up this desktop. “

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He declared this Tuesday in Abuja at a symposium organized by his ministry with the theme: “Information as a public good. Represented by the Director of Production, Publication, and Documentation, Lai urged the media as watchdogs to eliminate “journalists” whose activities undermine the profession.

He said: “To this end, I urge the media, particularly gatekeepers, to remove those whose activities, including spreading false news, misinformation, and hate speech, are undermining professionalism and eroding public trust in the media.

“We must point out at all times that safeguarding our nationality and positioning our country and our citizens for true development and growth must remain sacrosanct. We will continue to support the media in this regard “

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He charged the media to always remember that freedom comes with responsibility “Consequently, I wish to reiterate my call to the media to be prudent in exercising this freedom, taking into account our unity and national security.

Allow me at this juncture to appreciate the efforts of our brave men and women of the fourth kingdom estate, who often engage in the debilitating and sometimes thankless work of being the conscience of society “For us, as a government, we see the media as partners in progress in our collective quest to fulfill what our founding fathers labored and bled.

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This symposium could not have had a better time, a time when the “collective good” has been distorted by the proliferation of fake news, disinformation, and hate speech in our media space. These acts over time have threatened to tarnish the hard-earned reputation Nigerian media has earned over the years. “