Lambchop – So There Lyrics

So There Lyrics By Lambchop

There’s a rose upon the bumper in a crown around a human skull.
A bear and a puppy, dancing

And it’s cloudy for ever

a morning is grateful for the coming of the day

and my eyes are open
like a screen door to your heartbeat

there are flies inside the cockpit
Like so many flowers in a vase
If the action is distraction
I think I’ve found a better place

To be civil, to be gentle
To be honest, to be kind
To welcome the unexpected
With an unsatisfied mind

There’s a stirring in the community
We are so there
Walk across the fallen branches
Like you never knew they’re there

Was this what we expected
what else did we have to lose
You were called out on the carpet
Wearing some old fisherman’s shoes

They are so there
We are so there

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