LLusion ft. Lil Toe & Freddie Dredd [Shut Up Lyrics]

LLusion ft. Lil Toe & Freddie Dredd [Shut Up Lyrics]
LLusion ft. Lil Toe & Freddie Dredd [Shut Up Lyrics]

Shut Up Lyrics LLusion ft. Lil Toe & Freddie Dredd

Ayy, I know you’re obsessed (Ayy, ayy)
‘Cause, damn, I look good, ayy
I wish my old hoes the best (Ayy)
I’m just tryna get the money, money
Mur-Mur-Murder on my mind, demon time, you know how I get
I’ma grab my .9, that’s my opp, I’ma get ’em wet

Yeah, I’m from the south, but I’m only goin’ up (Ayy)
Pussy come around, now he runnin’ out of luck (Ayy)
Shells hit the floor when I’m lookin’ at him duck, ayy
Glocks don’t jam and that’s why I keep it tucked, ayy
Why you call my phone? I’ve already had enough, ayy
I don’t want you, baby, I could never fall in love

[Verse 2: Freddie Dredd]
Whe-Whe-When they hear my name, all the bitches go insane
Bеtter shut your fuckin’ mouth before thе Dredd will take you out
Once again, in the van, hear the devil through the man
I ain’t scared, got no fear when I put it into gear
Player from the north and I’m creepin’ in your city
I ain’t got no pity for a buster, you a kitty

No rules, you fuckin’ fool, it ain’t cool to lose, it do
Voodoo in the back, I ain’t havin’ none of that
Fre-Fre-Freddie had some visions, man
Freddie got them bitches, man
Who the fuck is this motherfucker tryna play my game?
Do not try me, it’s wise, or you’re gonna fuckin’ die
Do not cry, there’s no point, I will never disappoint
Keep it close, I’m a ghost, I’m on 2K, you the most

Evil runnin’ through my head, all I want is to be dead
Off myself, no one help, always creepin’ by myself
I don’t need no bitch, no assistant to tell me where to go
Always cold, better go, bundled in the fuckin’ snow
Dig deep, deep and your body’s almost deeper
I am just a creep, but with some hope, I’ll get a feature
On the news, bodies bruised, no one will know what to do