Maiden Flight Aircraft Land At Newly Opened Anambra Airport

Maiden Flight Aircraft Land At Newly Opened Anambra Airport
Maiden Flight Aircraft Land At Newly Opened Anambra Airport



Obiano: the most audacious airport of my projects Onyema: the largest plane in the world can land here
David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka Three planes landed at the newly built Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport, Umueri, yesterday, ending controversies over the status of the airport project.



Two of the Air Peace Airlines fleet planes landed at exactly 2:24 p.m. and 2:44 p.m. respectively, while the third, a private jet owned by Nest Oil president Mr. Ernest Obiejesi, landed at 3:30 p.m., amid jubilation. Anambra State Governor Chief Willie Obiano, while speaking at the test landing of the aircraft at the airport, described it as the most daring of his projects, adding that the project started in January 2020 and was exactly completed. in 15 months.
He said: “Our brother, Allen Onyema, offered the plane for this air landing test at no cost to us.





“We wait patiently for this day and today dawns in Anambra State. The airport is the most daring project and also the most remarkable of all my projects.
“We worked at this airport during the pandemic and rose above the sadness and ruin of COVID-19 to build this airport in 15 months. The most interesting thing for me is that Anambra didn’t borrow a Kobo to build it, ”Obiano said.




Air Peace Airlines President Allen Onyema, who was a lone passenger on one of his planes, which landed at the airport at exactly 2:24 p.m., expressed his joy at the start of the flight at the airport.

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He said: “I cried when I landed here because many did not believe this day would come.
“Many people condemned me when I spoke of the pace of work here. I am grateful to the federal government for the approval of this airport and the test landing. It’s the fastest approval ever, and I think it’s down to the quality of the work.





“This is the first time that a plane can make a test landing with a large plane. We brought a small and a large one here. My triple seven planes went abroad, otherwise, I would have brought it to prove a point, this airport can land an Airbus, which is the largest plane. Thanks to Buhari for allowing this day to happen. This airport will create millions of jobs for our people, ”Onyema said.
The Commissioner of Works, Mr. Marcel Ifejiofor, who managed the project, described the project as a promise made and also kept.






“The governor promised to deliver the airport in April and today he is making history by fulfilling his promise. We started this project in January 2020.
“The fire station, tower, tarmac, platform, and the terminal building are being completed. What we have here can take an Airbus. All equipment to be used at the airport, including the terminal building and landing equipment, has been paid for.





“The governor was very determined to carry out this project and he was always here from the moment we started. I remember that every time he came, he always asked what he should expect to see the next time he comes, and thank God the project is a reality today The ceremony was attended by captains of industry in Anambra, leading politicians, including aspiring governors of the Grand Alliance of All Progressives (APGA), and many supporters.