Mate Two Worlds Of Music Prologue

Mate Two Worlds Of Music Prologue
Mate Two Worlds Of Music Prologue

🎧🎧MATE 🎧🎧

🎶Two worlds👑 of Music 🎶

By, Ayomide Glory ✏✏✏

[Just A Kiss 💋💋To Make Her Stay]

Genre:  Music, romance, and war

★Prologue ★

Have you ever imagine the love between two worlds mate?
How can this love be express when they are apart?
Do they even know each other?
Even if they manage to know each other, can they meet?
Even if they meet, can the love be romantic?

He want her, wish to see her, but she was no where.
He search for her, but she wasn’t found.
Researching about who she is, nothing was found about her.
Is she some kind of ghost?
He had countless sleepless nights all because he wanted to see her, she was his savior, but he couldn’t see her when he wanted to.
She was just like a wind that come once and disappear thousands of times 😰😰😰

“Fire! Fire! There’s a fire outbreak! ”
This shouts filled everywhere as people; fans who came to spectate his concert run helter-skelter out of the building.
“He is still in there! “His manager yelled.
“We gotta get him out! “He yell again.
“The fire extinguisher has been called on ” Someone said.
“What’s the cause of the fire? Who caused it? ” Another ask.
Meanwhile, he was in there in the fire, he tried getting his way out of the room he was, but it was locked.
He coughed several times due to the flame that he inhaled.

He was finding it hard to breath well, it’s like his breathing was cut short.
He went down as a ball of fire rose up, rampant all round the room he was.
His cover his nose, his eyes closing as his breathing was reducing.
His eyes were closing as he was losing it, the rate which the fire burn increase.
Opening her eyes, she notice she was in another environment which was different from her home, looking closely, it down on her that she was in a room of burning fire.

The sight of this made her scream.
Then, she notice that her top had catch fire.
She scream again before pulling off the top and throw it into the lake of fire,leaving only on her,her bra.
Still glaring around this room, her eyes darted on him, laying half lifelessly.
She move closer to him, shaking him vigorously.
She touch his hand to detect if he was still alive, dumb right?
At this touch, their eyes locked.

His eyes move to her clothe less body which only had on a bra.
Noticing this, she immediately stood up and turn to move away, but he held her back.
“Help, please! ”
His eyes slowly shut as he said this.

She coughed as she finally succeeds in dragging him out of the fire to the front of the entrance door.
Opening his eyes to see his savior and mutter a thank you, she was gone.
There was no sight of her.
How she managed to leave that soon was what wonder him.
Could she have disappeared?
Is that the case?