Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 1

 Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 1
Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 1




🎧🎧MATE 🎧🎧

🎶Two worlds 👑 of music 🎶

[Just a kiss 💋💋to make her stay ]

Genre; Music, romance and war

By, Ayomide Glory ✏✏✏


Season 1 Episode 1 🌇🌇🌇

🎻Kristen Stewart 🎻
Kris! Kris! “
“Mom! “
I groaned when I heard my name being called. by mother.
“Get your ass off that bed! ”
Hearing that, I groan again.
“Just a minute, let me sleep for a minute more! ”
“No, you need to deliver Ma’am Cole’s silk to her, she needs it urgently ” She said.
I grumble before sitting up and get down the bed.
I move into the bathroom as she went away to pack up the silk material .
After I’d washed my face, I step back into the room.



“You gotta be careful, so you won’t stain it, she won’t listen to any form of excuse ” She said as she handed it over to me.
I took it from her and headed out.
Climbing on my bicycle, I cycled it to Ma’am Cole’s place.
I don’t even like going to her place, she loves asking irrelevant questions, especially about if I’m going to marry her son, that pompous maggot.
Getting off the bicycle, I move in and gently ring the door bell.
I was let in since this is not the first time I’m coming here.
“Your mother really get a beautiful silk for me just like you are, I guess… I’m paying her well today ” She said.
I wonder why she loves this so called silk, because to me, it just an old cloth
“Just give me my pay so, I can go back home ” I said, not interested in whatever she’s saying.



“You know what, I will pay your mother well today. But, you are going to marry my son, isn’t he handsome? ”
“Of course he is. He is even the handsomest guy in the whole world ” I said sarcastically.
“That’s why you should give it a thought, with those body, do you have to go after those random street guys ”
She move her hand in display as she said that word.
“I’m not and I won’t, Just give me the pay ”
“One more thing. Your mother, how is she coping with your school finances? Is that not too much for her? ” What even that your age? ”
Oh goodness!
I’m in for it today.



I have my seat opposite her on the sofa. “You really want me to talk to you and marry your son? ” She nodded. “I will come back for everything tomorrow ”
“Okay. Em…. You.”
“My pay? ” I interrupted her.
If I didn’t do that, I’m sure we are going into another discussion which we won’t even end today.
“Okay, have it ”
I count the money she gave to me.
“This is $10 thousand dollars while you suppose to give $6 thousands dollars ”
“Yeah, you can keep the rest as my daughter in law”
She should sit there and be deceiving herself.

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God forbid evil, I can never marry that maggot .
“Think about it very well! ”
She yell after me as I ran off.
I only nodded as I headed to where my bicycle was parked.
I climb it and ride it off.
I decided to branch at Reila’s house. She’s my friend, my buddy though.
“Kris, there’s this street performance coming up this weekend, you don’t wanna miss it. I heard that it always have been fun”
“Then, I think you should go since it always fun ”
“Yeah. But, I’m not going to go alone ”
“Hope you’re not thinking about me going with you? “



“Yes, you will be. I can’t go alone without you, moreover, you can dance, that’s an opportunity for you to make that talent show. You can’t continue hiding the fact that you are have an angelic voice and can dance ”
“I can’t do all that, mother said not to ”
She worn this confusion look. “Why would she? ”
“That’s only is known to her I’m off now, I need to give mother a feedback about where she sent me ”
“Okay. Let’s meet at mother’s restaurant, so as to talk about it, whether you are going to go ‘



“Alright “
I left her place and headed home.
🌇🌇🌇 Different World 🌇🌇🌇
“So what you are trying to say is that he hasn’t been eaten for the past days now? And you kept quiet?! ”
“We are sorry Mother Teresa! Each time we present his meal, he Always reject it ”
They chief maid said and the next thing she heard was a slap across her face.
“So, this isn’t even the first time and you guys didn’t tell me?!” She yell angrily.
“We are sorry! ”
“Keep that to yourself! “She yell again. “You all should get out of my sight! ”
At this, they all scurried away.
“Wait Amanda !” The chief maid halted and turn to, immediately bowing her head.
“Gather the others and inform them to make his favourite dishes now. I’m giving you just ten minutes! ”
“Alright Mother! ”
She left.
“My heart! ” Mother Teresa called as she gently knock on the door.
“Jewel! “She call again when there came no reply from him.
She called for like five more times still, no reply.
She then turn to the maids with her who held different tray of food. “Are you sure he is in there? ”
“Yes mother! “They replied in unison.
“Why is he not answering then? ” She knock the door again. “It’s Mother please open the door!
Still, no reply.



Her statement were yet to be completed when the door flutter open revealing this magnificent and stunning room.
Everything about it is just so wow and mesmerizing.
The artistic works, painted wall ,even the phosphorescent light give it an amazing beauty.
it just more than a room, a room which will serve as a house to some. people.
Mother Teresa step in first, the maids March in behind her, dropping the trays of meal where she ordered them to be dropped.
“My heart! “She called as she move closer to him where he laid on his king-size bed.
He’s just not different from a girl, you’d think he is until you are told that he isn’t.
So handsome, his well shaped lips were cutely took in and his eyes shut .
She sat down beside him. “My heart! Are you okay? ” She touch his forehead worriedly, brushing back the hair that fell on his forehead backward
“Why would you be starving yourself? You need to eat so you can have the strength to observe your modeling shoot tomorrow and your concert next tomorrow ”
He didn’t even say a word neither did he open his eyes not change position.

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“Talk to me! ”
“Am okay Mother! “He said.
If you didn’t listen well, you won’t even understand what he say.

What kind of being go for days without eating? ”
She beckon for the maids who were nearby to bring the dishes.
“Sit up My heart! ” “Come-on! “She added when he didn’t bulge.
He slowly sit up, resting his back on the fluffy pillow.
Taking a spoonful of the meal “Ahh! ” She said in display with her mouth a bit open
Opening his mouth, she shove the meal in. while he force it down his throat.
Giving him more spoonful, she gave him a glass ful of orange juice.
The dishes were taken away when she’s fed him enough.
“Come here “She said as she slowly place his head on her lap.
Her hand move to the hair chain on his hair, she remove it. and drop it on the bedside table.



“Where’s Emmett?? “He asked.
“Do you need him to do something for you? I will call on him then ”
She place his head gently on the pillow. and exite d the room.
👑👑Kristen 👑👑
I made sure mother is asleep before sneaking out of the house.
gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Sneaking out so as to go with her to the street performance she forced me to come with her.
i pick up a race when I was out of our compound.
Getting to her house, she immediately open the door for me just as I knocked.
“Hello Marian! ” I greeted her mother.
“Kris! What of your mother? “



“She’s fine ”
“Let’s go !”Reila said, took my hand and pull me with her to her room.
I sat down as she went over to her closet and brought out a crop top and a jean trouser with a blue sleeveless jacket.
“I bought it for you ” She said as she drop it on the bed next to me. “You are not going in those baggy clothes ” She added.
After several persuasions, I Finally accepted to wear it.
“I don’t like the way it clutches to my body ” I pouted.
” it okay like this “She said.
“Come-on Kris! “She persuaded when I hesitated to go into the bar at the outskirt of the street where the performance will be held.
“I don’t….
She’d dragged me in before I could complete my statement.



I watch as various people either dance or sing.
“Isn’t not fun? You can also go up there and do something “She whispered in to my ears.
“It odd, they are giving me stares “I said something else.
“And that because you get this alluring endowment ”
“I don’t think I’m going to stay any longer ” I said and made to leave.
She pull me back.
“You didn’t even perform and now, you want to go ”
“The stares is uncomfortable ”

Just ignore and focus on the show “She said.

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It almost dawn by the time the show end.
“My phone! ” Reila suddenly cry out. “I think it in there ”
“You’re so careless! “I scolded. “You better go and search for it before it gone ”
“Then you should wait for me here “She said and ran in.
The stares I received from those who troop out of the bar made me feel awkward.
And I told her that I don’t want to wear this dress.
I move to a side when this awkwardness was much.
Not long “Hey baby! “I heard a hoarse voice.
Looking up, my gaze fell on a guy before me.



Baby! “He called again. “You’re pretty and sexy! “I shifted back when he tried to touch my face.
I made to walk away, but he forcefully drag me back, wanting to kiss me, I spat on his face.
“What’s the heck! “He groaned .
His grip became tight on me as I let out a scream.
My dress were almost torn when he let out a yelp.
His grip loosen on me then, I notice Reila behind him. seems she bite him.
She took my
hand and we ran off.



to my house, I hijack my hand from her and headed in.
“Am sorry Kris! “I heard her said after me, but I was gone.
“Kris Am sorry for last night! ” Reila said countless times as I took the tray to take customers order.
“What if I got raped? And I told you I don’t want to go. Anyway, I’m not angry, it okay ”
“Come-on Kris! I’m sorry.maybe I shouldn’t have force you to go ”



I said it okay, I’m not angry ”
“You are still mad at me! “She said, tickling me. I let out laughter. “Am no more angry, we are cool! ”
“Now I believe you “She said. “You gotta attend to customer before mother show up and lash you.”
I pick up a tray and a menu list then, made way to the direction of a guy Who walk into the restaurant not long ago.
“Your order Sir? ”
“I want beef stew and a cup of ice apple juice ” He said.
I left to get his orders.
I was back after some minutes I drop his orders before him.



all this, he was giving me this lustful look.
as I turn to leave, I felt his hand on my butt.
Did he just touch me?
Halting and turning to him, I land the tray in my hand on his head. I hit him very hard before placing what he’d ordered for back into the tray then, drag him up from his seat and push him out of the restaurant.
“Don’t you ever step your leg here! Just do so and have your balls cut off! “I yelled, hiss and shut the door.
Walking back in, my gaze met with mother’s.
“I didn’t do anything….! “I said with a nervous smile.