Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 2

Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 2
Mate Two Worlds Of Music Season 1 Episode 2



🎧🎧MATE 🎧🎧

🎶Two worlds 👑of music 🎶

[Just a kiss💋💋 to make her stay]

Genre; Music, romance and war

By, Ayomide Glory



“I didn’t do anything! ” I said with a nervous smile.
“I didn’t ask you anything, remember “She said.
“Yeah. I.. gotta go ”
“Wait! “She stopped me.
“What’s with the stuffs on that tray? ”
I Immediately hide it behind me as she said this.
“It nothing! ”
I scooted away before she could ask any more question .



It’s almost 8pm when we shut the restaurant for that day and head home.
As she went to prepare dinner for us, I move to my room to have a bath.
Taking off my clothes, and kicking off my shoes, I made way to the bathroom.
I clad in to a nightie when I was done.
I stood before the mirror in my room to dry my hair with a towel since I got no hair dryer.
My hair suddenly look so strange to me.
Yeah, it longer than the usual length it was in the morning.
This is just so weird!
How come?…. How did this happen?
I touch it wondering how it manage to grow that fast within few hours.



“Kris! “
I heard mom’s voice calling my name from outside.
I shrug the thought of my hair suddenly grow off and went out of the room, heading to the dinning room.
She’s set the table already.
I have my seat while she dish out my meal.
I drew it closer to me, pick my cutlery ready to dug into it.
“Your hair? It longer, this isn’t the way it was in the morning ”
Mother said all of a sudden.
“I stretch…it” I lied.



“Okay! ”
I packed the dishes to the kitchen when we were done eating.
Going back to my room, I grab a notepad to jot down few lines of song that just form up in my head.
I was still doing this when mother burst in unannounced.
I immediately hide the notepad cuz she must not know that I was writing song again after several warnings that I shouldn’t sing neither write song.
“What are you doing? “She asked. staring at me suspiciously.
“N_Nothing ”
“What are you hiding? ”
“Nothing. Why are you here? ”
“Just want to check on you if you are asleep “She reply.
“And I’m going to bed now “I said.



“Okay ”
I breathe of relieve when she was out of the room.
I wonder why she doesn’t want me to do anything relating to music.
When I even ask her to register me into a musical school, she decline.
I’ve been asking her the reasons for this, but her replies were always ‘you don’t need to know cuz you won’t understand ‘
Sometimes, I made her realized that I’m 20 and no more a kid ,but her replies were still the same.
I wonder when she’s going to tell me the reasons she doesn’t want me to have anything to do with music.

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🎤🎤Damian 👑Damian🎤🎤
Removing my jacket, I threw it at Emmett who caught it as we step into my room.
We both descend the low stairs that lead into my master bedroom.
“This days has been tiresome! ” I started. “Especially at nights, spending my times dreaming about an unknown girl ” I took in my lips.
“I guess it some kind of pretty, curvy and sexy girls ”
I chuckled at his word. “Yeah, you guess right . Sounds weird that I meet pretty girl in dreams ”
“That’s because you think of Lalisa”
At this word, I turn to him shooting him glares.
“Just kidding! “He added.



“Better! ” I mumbled.
“But, this is crazy Sir. Dreaming about a particular girl you don’t know. Maybe she’s some of those girls in the modeling company, there might be someone you crush on and you end up… dreaming about her ”
“Just forget it Emmett, there’s no one who soothe my taste among them. I hate the fact that they kept being clingy, that Lalisa especially ”
“What if that is the case? Like… ”
“Just stop it Emmy! ” I cut him off.
“I got it! Just make sure you dream about her tonight , see her face so we can know the record label she work for ”
“You’re crazy! ”
I muttered as I move into the bathroom.
Taking a warm bath, I put on a night robe and proceeded to dry my wet hair.
Walking back in to the room, Emmett was still there. I thought he’d left.
“You know sometimes I do think if you were to be made a girl, but a mistake came up and you end up being a boy ”
He said,his eyes flickering around.
I ignore and grab my headphone, put it on before going for the pack of bubble gum on the bedside table. I torn two into my mouth.
“Going to the studio, want to tag along? ” I inquired as I made way to the stairs that lead to the musical room.



“Yep ” I heard him say ,trailing behind me.
You’d thought he’s my brother before you know he is just a manager at the same time an assistant assign to me.
We share this great brotherly bond.
He knows almost everything about me.
Opening the studio’s door with my fingerprint, we walk in.
I grab my musical notepad.
“Working for tomorrow’s show? ”
I nodded at his question.
I sat down before the piano, playing few keys.
I relax , adjust the headphone on me then, began the playing of the piano as I at the same time pick up the song.
“Wow it tingling! “Emmy squeaked. “If awesome! “He added.
I just smile, pulling off the headphone and pick up the music note to adjust some lines.
“I guess that enough for tomorrow! “



He nodded.
He stood up first making way to the door.
“I’ve done enough already Sir, need to leave now “He said.
“You should stop calling me Sir, I’m Damian ” I cautioned.
“I can’t. Bye now! “He left.
A minute he’d be formal and another informal.
Such a being!
There suddenly came screams from each angle as I step out of the car.
We were immediately crowded with Shouts of my name everywhere.
Thank goodness the security was tight, so I was able to get my way out of the crowd of crazy fans who were here for my performance.
Sometimes, it frustrating! So frustrating, but I can’t avert it because this is what I signed for.

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“So many gifts from the fans! “Emmy said dropping the gifts he brought on the couch in the VIP room I was.
I turn to take a look, numbers of flowers, cards, bears and lot more.
I chuckled at all this sight.
“You can give it out! ” I said.

I know from the start that you aren’t going to take them. The fans will feel bad if they hears that you didn’t take the presents they sent to you ”
“If their feelings matters a lot to you, then you can keep it ” I said.
“No no no no! I didn’t mention that I want it… I’m just trying to…
“Sermonize me”i butt in.
“Yeah. ” He said. “I will go and check now if everything is set for the show “He added and left.



Kristen 🎤🎤
📲 Kris are you in bed already? ”
Reila’s voice came up just as I pick up my phone which rang a minute ago.
📲No, what’s the problem? We saw each other an hour ago at the restaurant ”
📲I know. There’s this maths assignment I need your help on, I’d forgotten to tell you during the weekend. And, it need to be submitted tomorrow .Should I come over to your house? ”

📲 I can’t do anything tonight, I’m extra tired. You can branch here tomorrow while going to school, we’ll do it early tomorrow’s morning. Or better still in school ”
📲I will come over tomorrow’s morning ”
“Kris! ” I heard mother’s voice.
📲Gotta go now, mother’s calling. Send my regard to Marian ”
📲Alright. She want you around when you are free ”
📲I will try to pay her a long visit some of this days “



“Kris! “
The calling of my name Came up again.
“Bye! ” I ended the call.
“Mom! ”
I call as I exited the room.
I met her In the living room.
“Want to watch Sunday’s show with me? She inquired.
“Yeah, I will love to ” I reply, moving closer to her and have my seat next to her.
“Want some pancake? ”
I nodded.
“Gotta make it for you “She said, stand and leave the living room for the kitchen.
I position my leg on the chair, bringing it closer to my chest as I watch the movie awaiting the pancake mother went to make.



“Run! run! ”
I started hearing things and I couldn’t feel myself again.
“Fire! fire! There’s a fire outbreak! “This shouts filled everywhere as people; fans who came to spectate his concert run helter skelter out of the building.
“Run! Run! ”
“He’s still in there! “His manager yelled.
“We gotta get him out! “He yell again
“The fire extinguisher has been called on “Someone said.
“What’s the cause of the fire “Another ask.
Meanwhile, he was in there in the fire, he tried to get his way out of the room he was, but It was locked.
He coughed several times due to the flame that he inhaled.
He was finding it hard to breath well, it’s like his breathing was cut short.
He went down as a ball of fire rose up, rampant all round the room he was.
He Cover his nose, his eyes closing as his breathing was reducing.
His eyes were closing as he was losing it, the rate which the fire burn increases.

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Opening her eyes, Kristen notice that she was in another environment which was different from her home. Looking closely, it down on her that she was in a room of burning fire.
The sight of this made her scream.
Then, she notice that her top had catch fire.
She scream again before pulling off the top and throw it into the lake of fire, leaving only on her, her bra.
Still glaring around this room, her eyes darted on him, laying half lifelessly.
She move closer to him, shaking him vigorously.
She touch his hand to detect if he is still alive, dumb right?
At this touch, their exes locked.
Hid eeyes move to her clothe less body which only had on a bra.



this, she immediately stood up and made to move away, but he held her back.
“Help please! “His eyes
slowly shut after he said this.
She coughed when she finally succeed in dragging him out of the fire to the front of the entrance door.
Opening his eyes to see his saviour and mutter a thank you, she was gone.
There was no sight of her.
How she manage to leave that soon was what wonder him.
Could she have disappeared?
Could that be the case?

💋💋Kristen 💋💋
I coughed simultaneously as I try to steady my breath.
Looking around, I was back in to the room, the movie was still going on.
Taking a glance at myself, I was only on bra. That make me to sprang up.
Recurring what happened minutes ago, it seems weird and preposterous.
Just then, Mother walk in with a tray which I presume to be filled with Pancakes.

“Mother, did I disappeared?… minutes ago? ”
She burst into laughter. “Disappear? What are you talking about Kris? ” She laughed more. “Why will you disappear? ”
“Am serious mom. I was in a burning fire, I rescue someone “



Don’t prank me Kris. When I was telling you stop watching actions movies, you heed not to it can you see the outcome? ”
am serious? Okay, before you left me here I was on my clothe, but where’s it now? ”
“Oh come-on Kris, that’s your top! “She said,pointing her fingers..
I direct my gaze to where she pointed to, there my clothe was hung on the couch’s arm.
“You off your clothe claiming you felt hot ” Mother said.
“That’s not it mom. I remember I threw it into the fire when it starting to burn ”
She stared at me like I’ve grown horns before bursting into laughter .
“Seriously Kris? I don’t think you are okay! “



Yeah, I’m not okay because all this is fucking weird! ”
“language! “She cautioned.
I kept replaying that incident, but it doesn’t make any sense.
Mom think I’m crazy or it because I watch a lot of action movie. But, I’m sure this is not related to any of those.
something is actually wrong somewhere!