#MCM: Sandile MaHlangu – Umbuso

Sandile MaHlangu
Sandile MaHlangu

You may fondly remember Sandile Mahlangu for his role as Cheese in the hit telenovela, Isithembiso.  On Umbuso, he plays the mysterious artist and son, Samora and while he is just as dark, you can trust Sandile to bring an entirely different person in Samora.
Only three episodes into the new Sunday drama and viewers are loving Sandile as Samora.

Samora is a mystery to us all. He first appeared as the loving son of Ma E and Mpho, but by the end of episode one he had murdered his mother in cold blood. Killing his mother has left him guilt-ridden and in anguish and Sandile has played the part with convincing talent.

In episode three it was finally revealed that Samora killed his mother because she told him that the man he had grown up thinking was his father, who Samora felt abused him, is infact not his biological father. A family friend, Tiny, is instead Samora’s father.

It will be a rollercoaster ride on #Umbuso season 1 as the web of secrets is undone and revealed. You can bet one Sandile bringing more of the drama, talent and action you love, as seen in your tweets.