Moss The Fireman – Lekki Paradise Lyrics

Lekki Paradise Lyrics By Moss The Fireman (feat. BarelyAnyHook)

I’m out in Lekki paradise
Shawty wondering why I sent this Text at night
That’s cause my demons tend to keep me paralyzed
Frantic with my movement, don’t know what next I’ll have to sacrifice
Changing up careers
The only time I thought I’d flip degrees was when I was doing Centigrades to Fahrenheits
My lust for life, fuck it, already lost it right
Funny what gave me back my light was when I almost lost my life

Took forever to realign but I’m promising I’ll be back tonight
And I’m back tonight
I stand rightfully
I stand here, in all glory, unrivaled
I solemnly swear, my left on the bible
They won’t kill me, not on streets, records or cyphers
I’m not one to be compared to one of these hype-men
The difference between us is between the lines like a hyphen

I’m rapper, y’all like-rappers, who don’t like rapping
Play that mask off, we taking off on y’all n***** disguising
Said you paid your dues, you didn’t even make it to the deposit
Every artiste knows to always trust the process
That’s why I’m always moving way too cautious
Too methodic
I’m not famous, I’m acknowledged
Overzealous storyteller
Even when I drop a free verse, it still turns out anecdotic

With this vision, I’mma take the game to places never thought of
Can’t be caught off, no guard
Y’all be sinners, no God
Born sinner, young god
And I put that on God
I’m in Lekki, Phase 1, just like Bnxn

But I came here with your broad
Whole lotta red, lotta mob
And I’m fucking the game up
Yeah I’m up in this bitch till that hoe throb
In this bitch till that hoe throb
And you know we gonna go far

I’m the uncanny and unexpected just like when it rains and when it pours in December
N***** be looking out for me cause they didn’t want me to win, man, that’s a moral dilemma
But I borrowed a pen tah
Get rid of aggression, this shit could get pent up
Cause I had to re-centre
Coulda chose any venture
But hip hop was such an adventure

This is the part where the grim meets colder ripper
Rap era’s open season
In frame like the Mona Lisa
The soul of my city a part of me that I keep a piece of
Two fingers in the sky for the 02, I keep a peace up
True enough
Person wey never do shit go say that you ain’t do enough
Like you don’t even know my story, man, I been through enough
Either I’m God level or I ain’t good enough
Either way, whether it’s true or not, we still gonna be suiting up
We still gonna be suiting up

Woah, yeah woah
Yeah yeah yeah woah woah
Yeah yeah yeah woah woah
Yeah yeah yeah woah woah
Yeah yeah yeah BANG

That part’s not even in question
Salt Bar seasoning hands
My fans stay sprinkled and repping
Humble, I was at the class as a student in front of some legends
Competition studied all my shit, I’m still teaching some lessons
I forgot to rate myself at some point in all of this
N***** were on Hulkshare going Hulk without balling fists
Shorty said she got too much bullshit from Tauruses
All I see is signs telling me I should call it in

Way too many lanes for you too take my name literally
These lines come written for me
The rhymes come ribboned and free
Cyclops vision above my goggles invisibly
Blind trust, Gillyweed got me breathing efficiently
Beneath the Gidi waves
Tokin’ taking in the cityscape
Super Yogo, clown horns, feel like I’m a kid again
Can’t even be out at dark cuz they been going Crayola man

Colored trucks that pick you out the lot like you littering
Double back, beneath the Gidi waves
Taking in a pretty face
Shorty look like Simi Drey, then you see the waist
Deepest conversations and we just lay where the pieces lay
All this talent in you, you taking too long to seize the day
Running out of time is all perception
Still I’m on the court the clock at four seconds

Picked the lock and now it’s all basket
I verse and I verse, I’m all practice
The arena got a long rafter
What a page-turner, cliffhangers after all chapters
The gall of these n***** got me puking out the gall bladder
All my shit slaps like bad manners
Or lemon vinaigrette over raw salad

Ask what happened to hip-hop I tell ’em that y’all happened
I can’t close my eyes for two seconds
The chaos erupts like volcanic Water on my face,
Heat of the moment leave me with fogged glasses
When it rains
She console me with more splashes mixed with lemonade
Grown fashion like Mai Atafo had me a denim made

I’ll wait…
Either way, I’m still gonna be suited up
Right next to the supernova, true enough
Two suns in the sky like we found your Hyundai and we blew it up