Mr. Gabee – Necessary (Lyrics)

Mr. Gabee – Necessary (Lyrics)

Sitting outside
Stirring at the stars all night
Baby, you are on my mind
Wishing you are by my side
The sexy things you doing gat me saying
“I miss you, babe”
The lovely things you do me make me want to just

Pick up my phone call up mi girl
Baby am high hundred percent
Give me some love, give me some more
Don’t leave me now; don’t leave me “No never”
Oh baby girl lets sexycise
Am in the mood, don’t off the light
Give me your love before I kpai
Yeah..! yeah yeah yeah…

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Your body necessary
Your love is necessary
Your hugs are necessary
Hmmmm oh necessary
Your body necessary
Your prayers necessary
Your kisses necessary
Hmmmm oh necessary (x3)

So fine, looking so fly
African girl with American style
Come mama, come to papa
Mummy….. Baby biko biko, biko biko oh
Honey….. Baby pick up pick up, pick up pick up

Repeat Hook
Chorus (x2)