My Crazy House Help – Episode 17

My Crazy House Help – Episode 17
My Crazy House Help – Episode 17



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Episode 17

By. Humble Smith

Rose’s POV

“Sophia are you serious or trying to pull my legs?” Bryan squeaked with a huge smile while I stare at him like he had grown two heads, I just don’t want to believe he is really talking with Sophia..

I heard coming back and I don’t really know where she is coming to…here??

I don’t think it’s possible…

“Sophia do you even know that my love for…”

“Aaaagggghhhh!!!” I squealed loudly with grimace as I pressed my stomach..

Bryan paused his speech and turned to me..

“Are you alright???” He asked and I screamed again waging my head…

He arched his brow and was confused whether to complete his call or attend to me..

“Can you help your self to the room and take your drug, I’ll be there in a jiffy..” He muttered

I shrilled and fell on the floor..

“What???….my dear Sophia, I’ll call you in a minute please..” He mumbled into the phone..

“Who is that girl there???” I heard her voice from the phone

“Ohh, she is a new house help employed by my mother” he replied dryly..

“Really??..but, Bryan I guess you still loves me right?…I’m coming back because I had thought about us thoroughly, I recalled the past memories, I tried waving it off only to find out that I couldn’t..I found out I couldn’t stop loving you” Sophia’s voice sounded sending rage into me, I was damn angry not just for those words but for the fact that Bryan was listening to her and was even smiling…

“You can’t tell how…..




” Bryan do you hate me this much!!!” I cried making him flinch…

He flung his phone away immediately and crouch to where I lay..

“I’m very sorry…” He muttered helping me up into his arm..

He carried me to my room, my eyes was closed as I lay on his arm, I feels really sad, my heart was damn heavy as I was even close to crying..

That call did well in shattering me, not only that Sophia was coming back, Bryan himself still loves her and can’t wait to have her back…

Does this means I’m nothing?..does this entails that Bryan never had a glint of feelings for me??..but seriously, would I be forgotten???

Aaagghh..I think I’m getting insane??..all this is making my head pound, I wish it’s all a dream…

He lay me on the bed and brought out the drugs for me before heading out..

“You are going to conclude the discussion with her right? are going to continue talking to her” I sulked

“Huh??..what do you mean?” He asked

“Is Sophia coming back here to be with you?” I asked slowly feeling the pain sipping in…

“It sounds sound so untrue but, it is really happening, she couldn’t stay without me!!..I knew it from the beginning!!” He squeaked making me feel like breaking his head..

“How sure are you that she isn’t having an interior motive?..what about Austin?..can she suddenly leave him just like that?..if she couldn’t stay without you, then..she wouldn’t have hurt you that badly…” I muttered staring up the ceiling..

“I understand how you feel, I know you are really crushing on me, well..I don’t see it bad, every lady does it and you are even lucky, we are living together, many ladies die for this opportunity” he smiled and I sat up..

“Why do I feel like you don’t really like Sophia that much?” I said making him flinch

“What are you saying!” He asked,
I stepped out of the bed and walked to where he was standing…

His gaze was just on me, I smiled and moved my hand on his hair..

“What are you doing??” He asked with a sneer

“I can read your mind…I have the power to read the mind…I read your mind when you felt angry seeing jace holding me passionately, I read your mind when you felt jealous seeing me seat with jace…I…”

“Stop!!!..why are you always saying absurd things??..who in this world can read the mind..?”

“We are going to school together tomorrow right?” I asked placing my hand on my waist…”

“I don’t think so…I need to finish talking to Sophia, who knows she may be coming tomorrow!” He chirped walking away immediately..




Is he stupid to think I’ll let him be with Sophia?..who is Sophia??..Rose is gonna shatter what ever they calk relationship, she has Austin,let her manage that one while I get along with Bryan..

What kind of obstacle is this girl at this moment when I was getting glimmer of hope..

I shrugged and walked away to the chef and maid’s room, I wonder why they hadn’t walked out of their room all this while…

I got in and saw the three of them playing a game of some kind..

Immediately I walked in, they all paused and stared at me..

The chef was a middle aged woman while the other maids are my age grade.

They were staring at me in anticipation for me to introduce myself but I think they don’t know me..

They will be the first to introduce..

“Who are you!!” One of the maid finally asked

“At last, one of you talked first” I laughed moving closer..

“Are you the new house help?”

“Wow, she looks too beautiful to be a house help” another whispered

“My name is Jane, this is Mary and our chef is Marian” the same girl who commented me added with a crazy smile..

“My name is Rose, I’m here as the new house help and Bryan’s help…” I introduced myself with a huge smile

“Huh??..Bryan’s help??” They all chorused glancing at themselves

“Oh yes, let me gist you all, I and Bryan are classmates and friends, close to dating…in fact we are in love!!!” I squeaked leaving them stunned..

“You and who is in love??” We all heard a hoarse voice behind, it was Bryan…

They all stood up abruptly and bowed their heads in respect while I stood upright staring at them with a sneer…

I looked up to Bryan and he frowned his face..

“Hey bow!!” Marian ordered



“I don’t understand…”

“Do you want to get fired!! dare you disrespect your boss, bow and ask for forgiveness!!” They all kept saying to me and I swear I couldn’t hold the laughter..

“Bryan you are here for me right?” I asked walking closer to him..

“Don’t dare come closer, have you suddenly forgot who you are??.. Hey, you are my housemaid!” He stated

“Yeah, I know my dear..” I smiled and held his palm..

“Let’s leave here” I whispered pulling his hand.

“Geez…Rose!!” He called out

“Yes my love” I laughed

“Why can’t I even get angry with you even when you are annoying!!” He grunted

Bryan’s POV

“Its because you love me…” She replied and I flinched at her words, it just seemed like she said something deep…

I found myself pausing my pace to think on the words, could it be that I love her? that why I couldn’t hurt her even when she gets me pissed up…

“What are you thinking of?” She asked when she found out I wasn’t walking with her

I stared at her straight into her eyes, it was really glistening, I could see how pure and innocent it look..

“Have you ever fall in love with a guy?” I asked

“Huh?..oh, I don’t think so, I haven’t loved any man except you” she replied with a smile covering her face with her palm..

I Walker closer to her and noticed something like a necklace around her neck..

I pulled it out only to see my pics beneath, at the back…”I love you” was boldly inscribed.

“Who made that?” I asked

“Even when I hadn’t got any hope of ever seeing you, I still loved you and long for a day like this, I am one of that fans that couldn’t do without your song…I thought I just loved your song but…I found out I am deeply In love with you even when you may not…” Her voice went slowly under her breath as she bend her head low…

I could see her eyes get wet…



“Sophia would be coming back in a month time…” I said out and she looked up to me…

A drop of tears fell off her eyes, I could see hurt…


“Sophia would ruin our friendship right?” She asked with a quivering lips

“No, she isn’t that bad, we are friends and would still be even when she returns” I replied..

“I feel like I would be forgotten when she arrives, you would..not have time for me, only her, you would spend more time with her, I’d be a house help!!” She sulked and sniffed with tears rolling down..

“But…Rose, don’t you know?..aren’t you aware at the beginning??..she is the only lady I…..”

“Its okay, I’ve heard that enough…” She interjected and head to her room…

I felt my heart grow heavy, I just saw in her eyes that pure emotions.

I felt pained seeing her cry, but I don’t really know why it pained her this much, she should have known that I already had a girlfriend…


I need to meet her, I am not at ease seeing her cry..

Slowly, I walked to her room there she lay on the bed crying with her face buried into the pillow…

“Rose…” I called and she rushed at me in a tight hug..




I couldn’t push her away, some how, I just felt calm,

“You love me more than Sophia right???” She asked peering into my eyes..

I opened my eyes to state a “no” only to find out that my heart was saying the opposite, I couldn’t say no..

I couldn’t shook my head, her eyes seemed to be piercing into my eyes…

“I can’t love you more than Sophia because she has the voice I need even though you may be more beautiful…” I finally sighed

“Can I sing for you?” She smiled
To be continued…