My Crazy House Help – Episode 22

My Crazy House Help – Episode 22
My Crazy House Help – Episode 22


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Episode 22

By. Humble Smith

Bryan’s POV

“Rose!!!” I found myself screaming immediately as she walked away, I couldn’t understand why, but I felt a sharp pain sweep over me as I watched her leave even after I called her,

There was no doubt she was so hurt, her words was so deep and really went into my heart, I could see pure passion as she said those words, it wasn’t that playful Rose talking, this time it was an innocent girl who seek love, who wanted to be loved…

Oh gosh!!!…she even shed tears..did she loves me this much??


With a deep sigh, I plopped down on the empty chair there, my heart won’t stop beating very fast and loud, the fear of losing her was really filling me up, no matter how i tries to push it away from my mind, it still finds its way in,

I never had a single intention to hurt Rose, she is even one of those girl that I can’t withstand being harmed by anyone, I had got so close to her that every moment with her makes me smile,

I think I need to talk to her…

“Hello Bryan..” Someone called from behind..

Shit!!.. I wished it was Rose who called me, I just wish she came back..

Slowly, I raised my head up only to see Anna smiling at me, her smile alone increased my anger.

“What can I do for you?” I snorted with a frown..

“I just wanna talk and spend time with you, please can you spare me some of your time??” She pleaded with a smile.

“And what makes you think I am ready to hear whatever you want to say?..what even made you think I’d spend a second with you?..” I seethed standing up immediately..



“It had been long I had this in mind, its time to say it out please listen..Bryan I love you so much!” She sulked walking closer..

“Don’t come anywhere closer or else I’m gonna leave this whole place for you after slapping you, I swear!” I snapped

“Are you angry because of what Rose said?..she was afraid that you would find out who she really is..that’s why she decided to break off with you!” She explained

“You had been eavesdropping?? how does it all troubles you??..seriously, I don’t even know how possible it is for me to stand here talking with you, all thanks to Rose who cleared my saddened heart!” I snorted heading away..

“Bryan why don’t you want to give me a chance, I’m far more better than her, I and you would match I swear, it would be a shame for you to have a poor girl as your girlfriend!” She whined

“Do you think you are better than her?..stop daydreaming..”I shrugged walked away leaving her fuming…

As I head to the class, I felt really sad, this is the first time I’d be hurting Ross and I swear, my heart isn’t at ease a bit,

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Why I’m I feeling all this sadness when Sophia would be coming back, is should be happy that she stayed away from me but here I am feeling tensed..


I was getting nearer to the class and my heart was foolishly beating more faster..


“What?????” My eyes popped out as I stood transfixed staring at Rose and jace..

I had just gotten into the class only to find Rose all smiles as she chat with jace.

I thought she was sober when talking to me, I thought she was waiting anxiously for me to come and sooth her???

Well, I don’t care, she isn’t my girlfriend!

I shrugged and rolled my eyes trying to overlook,
I sat down on my desk feeling so hot, slowly, I glanced at them and felt shiver ran through me as jace pecked her cheek making her blush..




I felt totally intimidated, Jace was the only guy who looks just as cute as I am, it disturbs me that Rose was moving along with him

Does it means that she can be without me?..

Agghr…what I’m I even thinking?..I should be thinking of Sophia not Rose and jace..

Gosh..I buried my face into my palm taking a deep breath as my heart grew more heavy, it seemed that Rose was damn serious In leaving me..

I should be very glad but I couldn’t be happy, I want her right beside me.

Why?? is what I can’t explain.

I sat there in deep thought swallowing endless lumps as I peep at them secretly..

Just then, my phone beeped, it was a message from Sophia..
I hissed and flung it into my backpack, I felt no urge to talk with her, I was more concerned about Rose who hadn’t even glanced at me since I walked into the class..

The more I watched them, the more my heart grow more heavy..

Just then, a teacher came into the class, I let out a deep hiss rolling my eyes, I was just so angry for nothing..

Everything taught by the teacher was not for me because I gave no hearing to her, it was just like she was a disturbance, I silently pray for the lesson to end so I can meet Rose, I don’t think I can stay without her..

After what seemed like eternity, the whole teaching ended and the school bell rang for break period..

Jace held Rose hand softly and smiled..

“I think we should visit the school swimming pool after eating something” I heard Jace voice cooed making her laugh

“We would enter the water together because I myself can’t swim alone” she giggled

“We can swim together!” I chipped in making them turn their gazes to me..

Jace smiled while she looked away.

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“I may agree but I don’t think she would..” Jace said with a shrug..



“Really???..” I stared at her..

“I don’t want you close to me please, I observed that Anna has a huge crush on you, why not give her a chance if you can’t wait for your Sophia?” Rose stated with a raised brow..

“You know I’d be lonely if you leave me, I got no other friend other than you!” I muttered

“I’m not your friend, you don’t care about me, you needed Sophia only, I understand she is your first and only love, what I don’t understand is why you can’t let me be, I thought you should be the happiest man on earth, at least Rose is no longer pressing herself all over you!!” She snorted

“It is not what you think, Sophia may be my girlfriend but you are my….

“House help…right??” She completed and shrugged before holding jace hand..

“Please let’s leave, I don’t think I can stay here any longer, his presence pisses me off..” She seethed and made to leave but I quickly held her other hand feeling my heart going heavy again..

“Do you now hates me??” I asked looking into her eyes which was shimmering..

“Right now, I may not hate you because I had been so deep in love with you but I bet you, it would take me some time to hate and forget about you!!!” She snapped and wriggled her hand off my grip.

“Rose!!” I called with heavy breath making her pause her pace..

Every student was watching the scene, Anna was fuming at the side, I guess she would be wishing she was on Rose shoe.

Rose turned to me peering into my eyes with a lopsided smile.

“Very soon Sophia would be back, your romance with her would begin, don’t be a cheat, even when she had always been a cheat, you are ever faithful! never deemed it necessary to hear my voice, you don’t even want me to be in your band, you wanted Sophia so badly..good, I’m joining another band, thanks for always pushing me away.” She swallowed hard and walked away…

“Jace can you help me out?” I mumbled

“I don’t think so…” He shrugged




“Yeah bro..she is gradually hating you, guest what??..” He paused and brought his mouth closer to my ear..

“She had even written a resignation letter from being your house help!” He whispered and I felt my heart skip beat.

My mouth went agape as shudder run through me.

“Are you kidding me???” I exclaimed

“You should be happy instead, at least, Sophia won’t be jealous when she sees her living with you” he smiled and walked away before I could say any other word..


This is not happenings!!!

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I slumped on my desk in exhaustion, I am really feeling bittered and hurt, the same way I felt when Sophia broke up with me at the beginning..

But why I’m I feeling this way, not like Rose is my girlfriend…

Oh gawd…

My phone rang this time and I brought it out..
I glanced at the screen and saw it was Sophia, anger swam through my vein in a rush,

I’m I just angry that Sophia called me???

I’m I hating her suddenly because of Rose??.. Aghrr..

I walked out of the class and head to the school garden..
After wasting some minutes, I answered the call with a frown..

“Hello, didn’t you see my message?..” She asked

“Why did you call??..I’m in school you know?” I said trying to smile

“Its break time that why i called…i was surfing through the internet just now and something caught my attention, I saw you were getting along with a girl named Rose..” She said and I sighed deeply

“So that’s why you called?” I asked with a deep frown..

“What??..I need an explanation!..her body was on you and you weren’t making attempt to push her away, I even heard from your mother that she is your house help” she grunted leaving me pissed up..



“Do you think it was so easy to trust you again after you shattered me? couldn’t trust me and believed i am seeing another girl which you already know is my house help??” I asked in anger..

“I’m sorry..I was just being insecure, you know I don’t wanna lose you!” She sulked

“I’m returning soon, we would sing together!!!” She squealed with laughter while I forced out a smile feeling lonely..

Rose is gone, that alone had shattered my mood..

“You seemed tensed today..” She asked

“Last time you called, I heard a guy voice at the end of the phone call, who is that???” I asked suddenly causing a total silence from her angle..

The question seemed to come unexpected..

“What..what saying?” She stuttered..

“Come back quickly, I’m waiting” I said and hung the call..

I don’t know what is happening to me right now, no more appetite talking with Sophia, I just pray I still loves her..

With a slow step, I head to the class but recalling that Rose was in the swimming pool with Jace, I found myself running there immediately..

I got the the pool and regretted ever coming there, first was that Rose didn’t gave me a glance, second was that she was in the water with Jace playing happily..


I think I’m gonna burst!!

To be continued…