My Heartbeat Episode 10

My Heartbeat Episode 10
My Heartbeat Episode 10


Hanna POV Thanks, a lot God bless you,” I said. “okay ma I want to resume my post,” she said. “okay” I replied. she was the one that will be taking my records but I won’t tell her I will announce it to them a day before I leave for the trip.

Authoress POV

A week later

Henry went to drop Hannah at the airport. “am missing you already I feel like not going without you” Hannah said resting her head on his chest.

“Am missing you More than you are missing me I feel like we should go together if possible” Henry said.

“it’s not possible that we go together you should stay I will surely be back soon and I will do anything to gain aunt heart when I come back” Hanna said.

“hmmmm but you need to get that off your head now. you should concentrate on the business you are going for when you come back we will know what to do to her case” Henry said.

“okay my heartbeat” Hannah said and kissed his lips.

“the plane will soon take off Henry said.


“I know but my spirit is holding me back. I feel like am losing you” Hannah said.

“stop feeling like that you can’t lose me to anyone we are meant to be” Henry said and kissed her forehead.

“okay then” Hannah said in a low tone.

“I love you, I don’t even know how am going to survive living without you around me for more than two weeks” henry said looking at her eyeball.

“I love you too” she replied smiling. Henry kiss her lips.


“make sure you present the contract well so you can make Aunt and uncle proud” Hannah said.

“I will try my best to let them know am capable” Henry said.

“I trust you though” Hannah said. “ohh sh*t I forget to take my diary with me” Hannah said.

“You and your diary, don’t worry you diary will be safe where you keep it” Henry said.

“Yes I know but you know I rarely do without my diary in a day that’s where I write most of my everyday life experience” Hannah said.


“You can’t go to get it again because the plane will soon take off. I will keep it safe for you” Henry said.

“okay I trust you with it”Hannah said and smile.

Henry help her with her laugage to the plane. not long the plane take off.

Henry goes to his car and drove back home instead of going to the office.



Hannah get off from the plane and was looking around. she get to control herself so people won’t be looking at her like a naive.

“hi pretty lady” a guy in a black suit with a briefcase in his hand greet with a wearing a smiling face.

“hello what can I do for you” Hannah replied.

“Nothing much, am new here so I think I could asked you for some help cause I can’t find the driver they asked to come and picked me up and have been here for the past two hours. you are the only one I see have a cool Manner that’s why I choice to talk to you” the guy said.

“Really!! am also new here, you should calm down they will surely be here soon” Hannah said.

“okay thanks, my name his Purab from India can I know you name?” the guy asked.

“am Hannah. am a Nigerian girl” Hannah replied.


“Wow you have a good heart and you are kinda welcoming I always thought Nigeria are so mean and are very aggressive” Purab said.

“that’s totally a lie not only Nigeria it’s everywhere but not everyone are like that” Hannah said.

“okay I think I have someone that will keep my company before the person that will picked me up arrived” Purab said.

“it’s cool talking to an India guy” Hannah said.

“hmmmm, so why are you here” Purab asked.

“am here for a purpose has you are also here for a purpose” Hannah said.

“Or sorry maybe I shouldn’t have asked” Purab said.

“Yes, we can just talk about something else” Hannah answered.

“am a business man,I came here for partnership with a very popular company here” Purab said.

“Really oh you must be a very popular person though” Hannah said.

“know am not that popular because my business is just growing this few day’s so I want to partner with this company to build mine” purab said.

“that’s great of you” Hannah said.


“Miss Hannah Manville and Mr Purab Sagar where are you a man said holding two indicator on his left and right hand. which Purab and Hannah was written boldly in it.

“My driver is here” the chorused.

“so we are waiting for the same person what a coincidence” Purab said.

“Wow that’s nice” Hannah replied. they go to the car.

The next day

At the stallion empire

“Goodmorning Mr Black you are welcome” the manager greet. “good morning, please hope am not late?” Henry asked.

“not at all you come more than earlier” the manage replied.

“so you mean the meeting is yet to start” I said.

“Yes the meeting hasn’t started Mr stallion isn’t he around yet” the manager said.

“okay I am wait then” Henry said.


“he’s here the manager said has Mr stallion come there.

“Good morning sir” the workers greet.

he wave his hand in reply to their greetings. he went to office.

some minute later he came out and went with his PA and manager to the meeting hall.

he asked the contract presenter to be coming in one after the other to present there contract.

the meeting comes to an end and it was time to choose the winner.

“The Johnson’s are the winner he announced.

the two companies that also came for the contract left.

I will like to see you Mr we need to discuss personally about this contract.


Mr stallion office

“Mr Black I know you will be wondering the reason why I said I want to see you personally after I have declare the contract.

but there’s a condition that hold this and I will give you the contact if you accept the contract” Mr stallion said.

“Why the condition I was never told there s a condition that hold the contract” Henry said.

“Yes that was before but now I have a condition” Mr stallion said.

“okay then let me hear your condition” Henry said and adjust himself properly in the chair.

“I see you has a very ambitious and intelligent guy with the way you present the contract earlier it really amazing and that really make me have interest in you” Mr stallion said.

“thanks for compliment sir please I just need to know about the condition to know if his what we can do or not” Henry said.

“Is nothing much just a simple thing. are you married?” Mr stallion asked.

“why all the questions sir?” Henry asked.


“I just want to know” Mr stallion replied.

“okay not yet” Henry replied.

“I will like to speak with Mr Johnson himself and you will also be present there. you can leave now you two should come tomorrow so we will know the next thing to do” Mr stallion said.

“this weird why did he want to see my uncle all of a sudden after he said we win the contract.
he is just unpredictable ” Henry thought to himself.

“okay then he will be here tomorrow since you insist” Henry said and walked out of his office.