My Heartbeat Episode 4

My Heartbeat Episode 4
My Heartbeat Episode 4



My heartbeat ❤️😍
(I can’t live without her)

written by Toyin Jimoh

don’t copy or repost ❌❌❌❌

Episode 4

Authoress POV

Janette POV

“that’s good advice dear that’s why I love you I will surely do that” I said. “let go and have fun” I said.

We went to the shopping mall to shop. I can see so many poor-looking faces there I went closer to the cashier.

“How much did you need to send these poor looking people out of this place I can’t be shopping with this low lifes” I said.

“Ma you mean you want to pay us off for today” the cashier said.

“Yes how much is it I asked and she call the amount.

I transfer the money to her account and sat like a queen I am waiting for her to sent those riffraff out of the mall.

I can see most of them giving me a killer glare but I don’t care money stop nonsense.

“Ma we have sent them out you can now shop to your satisfaction” the cashier said.

I signal my friend to come with me. she came and we started shopping.

“Girl I love what you did I wanted to do the same thing before you beat me to it those people are bunch of poor people I can’t even stand there odour” Marietta said. “all of them stinks” Janette said.


back Nigeria.




Hannah POV
“we are going to my house today” Henry said. “why” I asked.

“have you forgotten today is weekend’s,” he said. “oh have forgotten it’s weekend” I said. “okay let’s go” I said.


Authoress POV

the next day in the afternoon
the Living room

“these movie is really interesting” Henry said. “yes it is, the writer of the movie must be a genius” Hannah said.

they heard the sound of car from outside. “do you invite any of your bussiness partner here?” Hannah asked.

“not at all and Charles best friend is not in town” Henry replied.

“then who is that ” hannah said. she stand up and went to look at the person through the window.

“Aunt” she muttered but Henry heard her. “why do you look scared” Henry asked.

“don’t worry am here and you don’t need to be scared of her cause you are her future daughter in-law” Henry said and peck her.

“let’s go and meet her” Henry said and hold Hannah by her hand.

they are about to get to the door when the Mrs Johnson came inside. she collected the bag from the security man.

“thanks” she said and give him money. “thank you ma God will continue to bless you” Samuel the security man said and bow his head.

“you are welcome” Mrs Johnson replied. “welcome Aunty” Hannah greet. “what are you doing here.

I told you times without number that I don’t want to see you around my son” Mrs Johnson said.

“mom that’s not the way to replied someone greetings atleast you replied her greetings.

and why don’t you tell me you will be coming?” Henry asked.




“so you mean I can’t come to your house again without your permission” Mrs Johnson said.

“is not proper to come without my permission. what if you don’t meet me at home or I already travelled you will have to go back” Henry said angrily.

“is this how you are going to welcome me. if you don’t welcome me I will welcome myself” Mrs Johnson said.

“Aunt you are most welcome here. bring you bag” Hannah said but Mrs Johnson hiss at her.

“thanks I don’t need your help” Mrs Johnson said with an eyeroll.

“I think she can carry it herself so don’t sorry yourself” Henry said.

but Hannah signal him not to say such thing. she also signal him to take the bag from her.

he took the bag from her. “that’s my son. is just that you have became so spoilt this days.

I don’t blame you cause is not your fault it was a useless girl that cause it” Mrs Johnson said.

Henry didn’t answer her and take her bag inside the room she followed him.

“am going back to meet Hannah” Henry said and drop the bag angrily.

“why are you angry at me. is it because of that thing” Mrs Johnson said.




“mum please stop this. what exactly is the problem you have with her she didn’t offend you in anyway but you just choosed to hate her” Henry said angrily.

“I don’t choose to hate her but my spirit don’t just her “Mrs Johnson said.

“that’s because you yourself hate her” Henry said.

“calm down boy I don’t come for her I came because of something more important” Mrs Johnson said.

“mum keep it to yourself now cause you already got me angry” Henry said and went out of the room.

“I don’t know where you see your own stubbornness from my brother isn’t stubborn like this” Mrs Johnson said.

Hannah sat in the living room looking rejected Henry came to sit beside her.

“Babe” he called but Hannah was lost in thought. Henry tapped her and she jerked up.

“oh you are here?” Hannah asked.

“yes babe. am really sorry for what happened” Henry plead.

“you didn’t offend me so you don’t need to be sorry” Hannah said.

“I love you Hannah and I will stand by you no matter what happened” Henry said and bend down.




“I Know you do love me and I will continue loving you too” Hannah said and make him sit on the chair beside her.

“I will keep loving you and if I need to fight the whole world just to make you mine then I will do just that” Henry said and kiss her forehead.

“am always yours” Hannah said and placed her head on her chest.

“you should go and meet her I think she came for a reason” Hannah said.

“she said she came for something important but nothing is more important to me this minute than to make you happy” Henry said.

“you should go and hear what she has to say,” Hannah said.

“later since she’s not in a hurry,” Henry said. Mrs Johnson has been looking at the two from upstairs.

“I wonder what she gave that’s making him behave like this but I no God will put her to shame when everything totally clear from my son eyes” Mrs Johnson said to herself and went back into her room.