My Heartbeat Episode 5

My Heartbeat Episode 5
My Heartbeat Episode 5


My heartbeat ❤️😍

(I can’t live without her)

written by Toyin Jimoh

Episode 5

Authoress POV

“I wonder what she gave him that’s making him behave like this but I no God will put her to shame when everything totally clear from my son’s eyes,” Mrs. Johnson said to herself and went back into her room.

“babe lets me quickly go to the kitchen to prepare something for aunt,” Hannah said.

“common babe we are going to cook together,” Henry said.

“nope, I will do that myself,” Hannah said. “please dear” he pleaded with a pout. “okay then,” Hannah said. they both went to the kitchen and hold each other hand.

in the kitchen


40 minutes later

“babe taste this and see if it’s delicious” Hannah said. “wow!!! I know my babe is such a good cook” Henry said.

“I pray she like it” Hannah said. “you don’t need to worry she will like it. it her best food” Henry said.

“oh really but am a bad daughter I don’t even bother to asked you want she likes and don’t like” Hannah said.

“is also my fault for not telling you” Henry said. “don’t try to take my blame” Hannah said.

Henry phone ring from the sitting room
“I think my phone is ringing I will be back right” Henry said and went to the livingroom to take his phone.

“I just pray his aunt like this, I know she will surely like it cause it’s not only me that prepared it” Hannah said cleaning the kitchen.

“darling let’s Clean up quickly I need to meet one of my business partner for something important” Henry said.

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“you should start going sweetheart” Hannah said. “am not going alone am going with you” Henry said.


“why?” Hannah asked. “Aunt is here and I knew she doesn’t like you. that’s why I decide you should come with me” Henry said.

“babe I will be okay. am used to that. she is going be my mother inlaw so I need to accept everything about her” Hannah said.

“but I can’t take it whenever she insulted you” Henry said.

“you don’t need to worry about me darling I promised I will be fine” Hannah said with a smile.

“are you sure” henry asked. “yes am sure” Hannah said. “how many percent sure” Henry asked with a smile.

“100percent darling” Hannah replied. “okay dear” Henry said and kiss her forehead.

“common you should get going it will soon be dawn” Hannah said.

“Yes my queen, let me go and change” Henry said. “don’t forget to tell Aunt you are going out” Hannah said. “sure” Henry said and rushed to his room.


Mrs. Johnson room

Henry barged in. “mum I will back. I need to reach somewhere” Henry said.

“okay son don’t come back late I love you” Mrs Johnson said.

“I love you too” Henry said and rushed out without waiting a little longer.

some minute later after Henry left

“Ma is there anything I can help you with Hannah said. “did i call for you?” Mrs Johnson asked.

“no Ma I just think I can keep you company since Henry is not around” Hannah said.

“please get out of my sight right now” Mrs Johnson yelled. Hannah left and went to the livingroom she sat on the chair feeling sad.

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her phone beep. it’s was Tonia. “hello girl what’s going on?” Hannah asked.

“am good and you” Tonia asked from the other end of the phone. “am good and healthy any news about the goods we booked” Hannah asked.

“the company said they can’t meet up so we don’t have any other choice than to wait for the company we work with before Tonia said.

“okay dear bye for now” Hannah said in seeing Mrs Johnson. “okay bye” Tonia said and hang up.


Mrs. Johnson sit on the sofa. “what’s that your name Hannah or what do you call yourself I said you should leave my son alone or are you deaf” Mrs Johnson said.

“mum please I love Henry and he also love me” Hannah said and move closer to Mrs Johnson, and she went on her knees.

“don’t come closer to me and who is your mother am not your mother at all so you should go and find your mum were she is Gold digger” Mrs Johnson yelled.

“no ma am not a gold digger I do really love Henry from the bottom of my heart” Hannah said with tear in her eyes.

“you said you are not a gold digger. who sponsor your university education, who opened the bussiness you are doing for you?” Mrs Johnson asked.

Hannah didn’t answer her. she was crying instead. “stopped shedding crocodile tears and answer my question.

who opened your business for you” Mrs Johnson asked. “Henry” Hannah replied crying.

“do you think you are the only one that know how to cry. I also know how to cry” Mrs Johnson said and burst into a mocking tears.

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“get out of here and Leave my son life” Mrs Johnson said and Hannah run inside Henry room.

she sit on the bed crying. “no I must not cry I promised that I would be okay I must not cry I promised him to be strong and strong isn’t it” Hannah said to herself still crying.

after some minute she clean her face and rest her back on the bed, she slept off.

one hour later


Henry POV

“hi mum” I greet coming inside. “how are you dear?” she asked.

“am good and you” I replied. “I can never be okay until you leave that witch you call fiance” she said.

“mum what’s all this i already told you she’s the one I love and I wil marry her no matter what” I said.

“why are you being so stubborn that girl is below you standard” she said.

“mum she’s is a human being and she is a strong woman she has her bussiness” I said angrily.

“you are the one that opened the business for her so stop pretending as she came from a rich home.

you picked her from the mud and now that you helped her can’t she leave you alone” she said.

“mum is my choice and that’s my final decision, and nobody can change it,” I said and leave the livingroom angrily. do you just walked out of me I heard her say. whatever I muttered.