My Heartbeat Episode 6

My Heartbeat Episode 6
My Heartbeat Episode 6


My heartbeat ❤️😍

(I can’t live without her)

written by Toyin Jimoh

Episode 6

Henry POV

“mum is my choice and that’s my final decision and nobody can change it” I said and leave the livingroom angrily.

“do you just walked out of me I heard her said. ” whatever” I muttered.

I enter into my room and saw Hannah laying on the bed. I moved closer and see she is aslept.

“I moved closer to her and felt her body temperature wasis high.

“I lay her properly on the bed and go to the bathroom to get towel and a bucket of water.

I dip the towel into the water and squeeze. I put it on her head I also took another towel and took it clean her body.

she opened her eyes. “you are back” she said and wanted to stand up.

“no don’t stand up you are really sick. I will go and get you drugs” I said. “is nothing so Know need to buy drug” she said.

“no I will do that” I said and wanted to go out to get drugs.

“I promised I will be okay” she said. “you promised me that before I went out but you are not okay” I said.

“am sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you” she said. “shhhh don’t say anything again I love you” I said and kiss her on the lips.

“I will be right back” I said and went out to get her drugs.



Janette POV.

“I am going to Nigeria tomorrow” I said. “you told me before. but make sure you stick to the plan. take you own share of his property and come back” Marrietta said.

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“yes that’s why am going cause I can’t live in that stinks country” I said. my phone beep it was Juliet my friend.

she was also with us here in America before she went back to Nigeria after our schooling and she already have her own resturant with Many workers.

my dad and her dad are best of friend. I picked up the call.

“hi buddy” I said. “am good girl, I heard that you are coming to the country” Juliet said from the other end if the phone.

“yes girl but an not happy” i protest. “why are you not happy?” she asked.

“cause I don’t know how am going to survived in that county it’s stinks” I replied.

“I thought you wanted to say something reasonable but you words are just senseless” she said.

“are you trying to insult me?” I pouted even when she can’t see me.

“am not insulting you girl how can you said your country stinks was it not the same country I am and everything is going smoothly” she said.

“whatever I know am not gonna stay there for a long time” I said.

“let wait and see till then. I can’t just wait see you I really missed you” she said.

“I also missed you” I said. “is Theresa there with you?” she asked.

“I stop being friend with that girl cause she can’t inherit my enemy” I said.

“why will she has to inherit all your enemy an what exactly happened?” she asked. I explained everything that happened at the party to her.

“so you expect her to jilt her boyfriend for you, is not possible she made the right decision. that’s why I like her.

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I hate that silly girl call Marietta I don’t know why you keep being friend with her” she said.

“stop saying those things about her she’s the only one that support me and care about me” I protested.

“I know you will defend her. do you still have Theresa phone number I really want to speak with her” she said.

” so you expect me to have my enemy number” I said. “okay I will look my diary and to check if I will see her number” she said.

“whatever and make sure you arrange a welcoming party for me” I said.

“sure you know I can’t do without partying my boyfriend is even complaining but what can he do” she said.

“are you still with that guy? I asked.

“nope he is not serious so I jilt him for a serious guy” I said.

“I trust you for that always moving from one man to another” I said.

“that’s a total lie you know I don’t double date I will stay with you and if I noticed you are not straight forward I will leave you.

is a free world you can’t expect me to be stay In a relationship that based on a lies” she said.

“okay I will surely be in the country tomorrow” I said.

“is like you should be here already” she said. “I don’t know what’s special about that county” I said.

“okay buddy I will call you later I got some work to do” she said.

“okay then see you soon” I replied.

she hang the call. “is that not that useless girl call Juliet you are talking to?” Marietta asked.

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“I don’t know why the two of you hate each other so much that you can’t stand each other for a minute without fighting” I said.

“she and that Theresa of a girl are just too dumb and stupid for my liking” she said.

“whatever that’s the three of you problem and not mine. all I know is that you are my friend and my bestfriend” I said.

“that’s why I like you girl” she said and kiss my cheek.

Authoress POV


Henry livingroom.

“mum what do you have to say” Henry asked. “sit down” Mrs Johnson said. “am listening”Henry said and sat down.

” I came to discuss things about our business” Mrs Johnson said.

“so what happened to the bussiness?”Henry asked.

“we want to sign a contract with the stallion so we want you to be at there meeting with Mr stallion”Mrs Johnson said.

“when is the meeting coming up?” Henry asked.

“some weeks to this time” Mrs Johnson replied.

“okay no problem you should have just called me and inform me on phone instead of coming” Henry said.

“I know you don’t want me here cause of that fool” Mrs Johnson said.

“stop calling her fool” Henry defend. “whatever all I know is you can’t get married to her not when am alive”Mrs Johnson said.

“you can say whatever you want no one is going to stop me from getting married to her” Henry said and leave the livingroom. “you