My Heartbeat Episode 7

My Heartbeat Episode 7
My Heartbeat Episode 7


My heartbeat ❤️😍

(I can’t live without her)

Written by Toyin Jimoh

Episode 7

Henry POV

“you can say whatever you want no one is going to stop me from getting married to her” Henry said and leave the livingroom. “you


Authoress POV

the next day

Mrs stallion arrived at the airport with her driver. she waited until the plane landed. Janette came out of the plane with her bag.

“mum” Janette shouted on seeing her mother. “my darling” her mother replied with her smile.

they pulled each other into a bone-breaking hug. “I really missed you my darling” her mother said still hugging her.

“I missed you too just that I hate been in this country,” Janette said.

“ma you don’t need to hate this country the country is very okay and you will be happy” the driver said.

Janette didn’t allow him complete his words. “who is this dog talking to me what’s your position that you gat the gut to pokenose in my affairs.

mum you see what you have caused you are the one that cause this bullshit. have told you times without number that when you want to employed people employ a graduate and a classic person that won’t just barged into people’s discussion” Janette said with an eyeroll.

“ma has you are looking at me am a graduate just that things aren’tt going the way it’s should be” the driver said.

“are you deaf I said you should keep quiet” Janette said and slapped him which draw people’s attention.

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“am sorry ma” the driver said holding his cheek. “and what are you all looking at” Janette said.

“you guys should leave. he deserves what he got so you should all leave now and stop staring like a jobless people” Mrs stallion said.

the people leave shaking their heads.


“take this idiot” Janette said and pushed her baggage to him with and eyeroll. she hissed.

“common dear let go you just came back so you need to go and relax and Don’t mind some people who suffering is their best friend’ Mrs stallion said.

“like am seriously angry. this country is to local and stinks just like the people living there” Janette said.

“so we also stinks is that what are you trying to say” Mrs stallion said.

“how will I say my parent stinks you are the only classic person in this country” Janette said and give her mum a smile. they enter the car and the driver zoom off.

“come girl how was your stay in London” Mrs stallion Asked.

“is fine and interesting school life with different influencial kids. I totally love it and I know I will be going back there soon” Janette said.

“maybe that’s when you already have your own business and wish to go back to there cause i know very well your dad won’t allow you to go back” Mrs stallion said.

“but why is dad so naive cause he should have know this country isn’t good for someone like me” Janette said with a pout.

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“me and your father know the reason we are doing this so you should know the way you speak to your dad said” Mrs stallion said.

“you guys should leave me and let me enjoy my life” Janette said.

three days later

Henry apartment

“darling I was thinking we should go the restaurant” Henry said.

“no let’s Cook at home” Hannah said. “no I just feel like taking you out to one of the biggest resturant in this town” Henry said.

o “okay you wish is my command. “that’s why I love you” Henry said and kissed her.

at the restaurant

“let me go and meet them for the order” Hannah said. “no you shouldn’t worry they will come themselves” Henry said.

“but I wait feel like” Hannah said. “then let me go and order it myself” Henry said.

“please let me do that today” Hannah said with a smile.

“okay but I don’t really like you stressing yourself ” Henry said.

“that’s not what they call stressing oneself” Hannah said and went to other for food..

“sir what do you like are you order” one if the waitress asked.

“you don’t need to worry am okay” Henry said. “okay sir. “no” Henry shout when he saw Hannah was about to ran into a lady but it’s was too later.

“are you crazy? why are you behaving like a numbskull. how dare you ruin my dress? you are nothing but a pig.

Juliet why do you allow a dog into your resturant as a customer? Janette asked angrily.

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“I said sorry so you should stop insulting and calling me names” Hannah said.


“do you know who I am do you know my father in this town how dare you talk back at me” Jennette yelled.

“young lady respect yourself you don’t have the right to insult my lady or did you want me to put you in your place” Henry said in an husky voice.

“young man don’t dare me” Janette yelled like a monster.

“and who fucking care who your father his. she mistakenly ran into you and she already apologized but it’s seems you don’t deserve that” Henry said with so much anger written on his face.

“No Henry you don’t need to shout at her let’s leave this place” Hannah said.

“what’s going on here and who shout my like that?” Juliet who was coming out of her office asked.

“is good you are here. why don’t you check people before allowing them into your restaurant you can’t imagine this full ruin my dress” Janette said angrily.

“Janette you should calm down you know she can pour food on you intentionally so you should atleast calm down” Juliet said.

is that what you will said. you should call me when you are ready for me” Janette said and left angrily.