My Heartbeat Episode 8

My Heartbeat Episode 8
My Heartbeat Episode 8

My heartbeat ❤️😍

(I can’t live without her)

written by Toyin Jimoh

Episode 8

is that what you will said. you should call me when you are ready for me” Janette said and left angrily.

Authoress POV

Henry mansion

“am sorry dear I am the cause of everything that happened you told me not to go and order myself but I was stubborn and didn’t listen” Hannah said.

“shhhh don’t say anything” Henry said and kissed her lips for more than a minute.

“am so lucky to have you. I Love you” Hannah said. she hugged him tightly.

“I love you more” Henry said.

“so are you planning for the meeting for the contract Aunt told you about”Hannah said.

“Yes am totally ready and am sure he will help us” Henry said.

“I trust you my king” Hannah said in a romantic voice.

“darling are you thinking what am thinking” Henry said.

“I think we should get married as soon as possible I can’t wait to make you mine forever I want to wake up with you by my side everyday” Henry said.

“I think that’s good but am” Hannah said.

Henry didn’t allow her complete her words. “don’t mention it. all I need is you maybe any one support or not is not important” Henry said.

“ok love” Hannah said happily. “that’s what I always want. to see my one and only happy and smiling” Henry said.

“am blushing” Hannah said blushing hard.

“I can see you are blushing” Henry said.

” am I really blushing?” Hannah asked.

“Nope am the one blushing” Henry said.

“common let watch movies” Hannah said.


some days later

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Mr stallion mansion

Janette POV

Have finally made up my mind to speak to my parent about the property stuff.

I think this is a better time since we are together now I might not have the chance again cause my dad is always busy. I took up the courage to speak up.

“mum, dad I want to tell you guys somethings that has been disturbing me” I said.

“what’s that darling?” Dad asked.

“Yes what do you want to discuss with us?” mum asked.

“you guys knew am now 23years. am an adult I think is time for me to start making decision on my own” I said.

“wow I think our child is now a grown up and have finally be a reasonable lady that she have decided to take a path from her friend who is running her own business” Dad said.

“like am really surprised that my daughter could be so mature and call us just to tell us about how she want to plan a better future” mum said.

“Yes am really happy let’s hear her out” Dad said.

“As I was saying. am not a teenager again am now an adult and I know what’s good for me.

this country is not favourable for someone like me so I was thinking since I am your only child and I know all your property will surely be mine one day so I think you should give me 80% of your property and you will be managing the remaining one till the day you both die.

I will go and set up my own business abroad I don’t like this country at all my skin has started to change when I haven’t even spent up to a month” I said.

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“don’t tell me this what you want to discuss with us I watched this in movie I never knew it will happen to anybody close to me not to talk of me” Dad said.

“Dad everything you see in movie are all that happened in real life atleast am not the first person demanding for my share of your wealth and am not going to be the last.

I only asked for property not your life and precise why won’t you give me when am your only child and I need to live a happy and comfortable life” I said.

“shut up you month can’t you see you are vomiting nonsense we even thought you finally want to say something reasonable but you are vomiting trash” mum said angrily.

“mum you guys need to support me and give me a share of your wealth I need it now not when you die” I said.

“I said keep quiet can’t you hear. for what you just said I am going to frooze you account for 3month” Dad said and walked to his room angrily.

“Dad 3month dad this bad how can you frooze my account where do you expect me to see money if I want to go partying with my friends” I shouted for him to hear my voice.I stand patting up and down.

“it was all my fault maybe I spoil you alot that’s why you’ve have became a spoil brat and became very naughty” mum said and leave the livingroom.

“is this how you guys are going to leave me without giving me a reasoning with me” I said and sit back on the chair. why are you guys like this” I shouted angrily.

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Hannah boutique

Hannah POV

“aunt you have a call” Tina said and stretch my phone forward to me. “okay thanks” I said and took the phone for her. “hello who is on the line?” I asked.

“this is Tonia fiance” the person said from the other end if the call.

“oh really, is nice hearing from you hope no problem” I asked.

“there is a problem” he said.

“which problem is that” I asked already scared.

“Tonia is in the hospital she was shoot on her arm by some robbers who attacked her yesternight” he said.

“what!!! please which hospital is that” I asked.

“state hospital” he said.

“okay I will be there very soon” I said. “okay no problem” he said and hang the call.

I quickly passed a call across to Henry. “hello baby, how are you doing” he asked from the other end of the call.

“Am not doing fine” I replied. “why!!” he asked. “my friend Tonia is at the hospital he was attacked by some robbers and she was shoot by her arm” I said.

“what!!” Henry exclaimed. “am going to see her” I said.

“okay tell me the hospital so I can join you there. “state hospital” I said. “okay be expecting me” he said.

“okay bye” I said and hang the call.

“Tina you should take care of everything. i am going to see Tonia at the hospital” I said.

“okay Aunt, and extend my greetings to her” Tina said.

“okay bye” i said and took my bag and went out of the boutique.