My Heartbeat Episode 9

My Heartbeat Episode 9
My Heartbeat Episode 9




My heartbeat ❤️😍 (I can’t live without her) written by Toyin Jimoh Episode 9



“okay Aunt, and extend my greetings to her,” Tina said.

“Okay bye,” I said and took my bag, and went out of the boutique.


State hospital

Hannah POV

“like seriously someone needs to be careful these days. this is becoming too much everyday robbery and gunshot” I said looking at Tonia who is sleeping on the sickbed.

few hours later Tonia was awake.

“How are you doing hope you aren’t feeling too much pain?” Hannah asked.

“ohh you are here” Tonia said.

“yes Charles called me” Hanna said.

“Henry you are also here?” Tonia asked.


“you should relaxed and stop talking. it isn’t good for your health at this moment” Henry replied.

“yeah he’s right you should relaxed” Charles who was sitting beside her said touching her head.

“I think they are right you should relax but I was just wondering how it happened” Hannah said.

“I was dragging with them when they asked me of my bag I was stubborn and didn’t want to leave it cause my international passport and important document are inside the bag” Tonia said.

“you should have let go of it. I know is not easy to get another one, see what you did to yourself thank goodness is not more than this” Hannah said.

“yes have learnt my lesson am very greatful to God for saving my life” Tonia said.

“I was really scared when he called me” Hannah said.

“everyone was scared we should be thanking God is not More than this” Charles said.


Mr stallion Mansion

Janette POV

“hello girl, how are you doing”Marietta asked from the other end if the call.

“am not good at all everything went upside down and is really hard for me to cope with this” I said.

“what actually happened” she asked.

I explained everything that transversed between me and my parent when I told her about the property stuff.

“So what’s your next plan” she asked. “what do you mean by my next plan I told you dad want to froze my account you are asking me of my next plan” I said.

“you should have a plan ahead of them” she said.


“I don’t have any plan now if you have one that you think can solve this problem as soon as possible just tell me” I said.

“okay I will tell you. listen very well” she said.

“am listening just say it” I said.

“why don’t you eliminate them” she said.

“can you please come again because it seems I don’t hear you properly” she said.

“I said you should eliminate them. kill them and everything will be yours’ Marietta repeat.

“are you kidding me because this joke is becoming too expensive to believe” I asked.

“am serious this the only solution on ground” she replied.


“To hell with you and you solution, are you fucking crazy how can you be so heartless that you will advise me to kill my parent because if money” I said.

“why are you scared you will just add some poisonious substances in their food after they eat it they will die and everything will be yours, they won’t suspent you. you have a cook so the will think she’s the one” Marietta said.

“Are you normal cause if you are normal you won’t be splitting nonsense and think you are talking, I should kill my parent so everything can finally be mine, ok no problem I will do just that thanks for the advice. I never no you” I said.

someone touch me from behind and landed a thunderous slap on my face.

I managed to open my eyes because I was seeing star immediately after the slap.

I wanted to charge back but I see it was my mum.

“mum what did I do to deserve this?” I asked angrily.


“if you say any more words I promised to hit you more mum” replied angrily.

“why are you doing this mum” I asked wondering why my mum could be so angry to the extent of slapping me.

“so you are planning to kill us because of property I never knew you could be so dangerous to this extent” mum said.

“mum you misunderstood everything I can explain” I said.

“I will tell your dad about this” mum said.

“Mum please you totally misunderstood me how do you expect me to kill you when I don’t have any other parent except from the two of you” I try to convince her.

it’s was not that easy to convince her. “I will keep this, but I will tell your father if you try anything drastic I will tell your father” she finally said and went out.

“what the fuck is this,I fucking hate this girl I was about to cut my tie with her but mum heard me.


but the most painful thing is that she heard only half of the discussion and she’s damn angry at me.

thank goodness she’s not going to tell Dad because if she tell him he’s going to disown me immediately” I said to no one in particular.

I picked my phone and see the call is still on.

“very good I think you heard everything that happened, I regret making friend with someone like you I think I now know the reason Theresa and Janet dislike you that much” I said angrily.


“hey fool you should know how you speak to me. I only give you advice I didn’t force you to do it.

when someone give you advice you should know if is good for you so don’t blame me for your misfortune blackmonkey.

don’t even call me again I walk out of the damn friendship” she said.

“fool I already walk out before you, idiot” I said and end the call.

why did I do this to myself why am I so foolish to have listen to a disgusting girl like her. oh shit this too much on me.



Hannah boutique

Hannah POV

“Ma since Miss Tonia is not feeling okay how are we going to get the goods. you know some people already paid us and we promised them” Tina said.

“Yes she can’t go because her international passport have been collected alongside some of her important document so I will be the one to go” I said.

“won’t it be a little difficult” Tina said.

“it will be but I don’t have any other choice than to go cause we already pay them” I said.

“so you won’t be in the around for like two or three weeks cause I know how long it takes Miss Tonia to deliver our goods” Tina said.

“it’s even possible I used up to a month you know they didn’t recognize me so I will have to go through some processes,” I said.


“that’s true I will really missed you. so who will be keeping your account cause is not good leave one business for workers” she said.

“I already have someone that will be taking the records and take care of the boutique” I said.

“that’s good but don’t really but your trust in human cause the one you don’t think can hurt you may slab you from behind’ Tina said.

“thanks am really grateful if for your advice. you are like a sister to me and I always appreciate your advice” I said.

“okay ma I will make sure things are in order. me and my co-worker will work together hand in hand with the person you are bringing to represent you” she said.

“thanks alot God bless you” I said. “okay ma I want to resume to my post” she said. “okay” I replied. she was the one that will be taking my records but I won’t tell her I will announce it to them a day before I leave for the trip.