Newcastle Provide’s Season Ticket Refunds To Fans

Newcastle Provide's Season Ticket Refunds To Fans
Newcastle Provide’s Season Ticket Refunds To Fans





Newcastle Provide’s Season Ticket Refunds To Fans


Newcastle United have agreed to refund season ticket holders for closed matches this season. Thousands of fans have withdrawn money from their bank accounts as part of their long-term season ticket deals despite not being able to attend matches due to the coronavirus.



But the club announced Thursday that it will replace the fans now in three stages during the season.

Refunds for the first five domestic league matches of this campaign will reach the fans by mid-December.



Depending on whether fans will be allowed to return to St James’ Park, and when more refunds will be made in early 2021 and at the end of the season. Fans can also choose to pay for season tickets for 2021-22. They have until Friday, November 27th to request a refund for the first five games.

“Despite months of work to plan for a safe and socially distant return for fans, clubs across the country have not yet been given the green light by the authorities and the government has not confirmed a specific date for the return of the spectators,” Newcastle said in a statement.



“In an online meeting with supporters and support groups to discuss the possibility of a safe return to matches last month, the club has widely pledged to return the money to season ticket holders at certain points throughout the season.”

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The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) said the move was a “step in the right direction” but that the issue “could have been resolved a lot earlier, and the supporters’ minds would have calmed down sooner.”



“Now, thanks to fan pressure, we have the information that fans deserve,” added Alex Hirst, President of NUST.

“In situations like these we are reminded of the absolute importance of fan pressure. At a time when the game is underrated, the fans are left to fight for what we know is right.”



Newcastle has already halted sales of single season tickets for this campaign, but many fans of deals have frozen prices for up to 10 years.

Payments on those deals, which run for the current season through February 2021, will continue to be paid, and if a refund is requested, the club says they will work concurrently.



This means that the price of long-term deals extends to the next season. The club is the last in the Premier League to convey its plans to the fans for the next season. It is not known when the fans will be allowed to return to the stadiums.





The news comes three days after owner Mike Ashley called for a review of the Premier League’s pay-per-view policy where fans are being paid £ 14.95 to watch live matches that have not already been broadcast.

He described the price as “unacceptable” and fans had raised more than £ 300,000 for charity instead of paying for the televised games.