Niger State: High Court Suspended The Appointment Of Sarkin Sudan Kontagora

High Court Suspended The Appointment Of Sarkin Sudan Kontagora

 Niger state High Court has ordered the newly appointed Emir of Kontagora Mohammed Barau Kontagora to stop flaunting himself as the seventh Sarkin Sudan Kontagora The court headed by Judge Abdullahi Mikailu prevented the defendants, including the state attorney general and the commissioner for local government affairs and headquarters, from installing or staffing Mohammed Barau Kontagora as the seventh Sarkin Sudan of Kontagora.

The court order followed a lawsuit challenging the selection process held on September 19, 2021, and the subsequent hearing of the ex parte motion filed by Mr. W. Y. Mamman on behalf of 15 plaintiffs.

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In a five-paragraph emergency affidavit, stated by Adam Muhammad Nasir, “immediately the announcement of the first defendant/defendant was made, some young people in Kontagora were mobilizing for a confrontation and mass protest over the said selection of the seventh Sarkin Sudan Kontagora “.

The affidavit also stated that “in the midst of all this, the second and third defendants delivered a certificate of appreciation to the first defendant on October 8, 2021, when the tension had begun to build at the headquarters.”

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However,  he said, “unless the court restrains all defendants/defendants, they will quickly destroy the answer and put this court in a state of hopelessness and helplessness The plaintiffs who are eligible to compete for the royal throne claim that due process was not followed in the selection of the new Sarkin Sudan Kontagora.