Nigeria: Fulani, Farmers Clash – Osun Choosed Counting And Profiling Of Herders

Nigeria: Fulani, Farmers Clash - Osun Choosed Counting And Profiling Of Herders
Nigeria: Fulani, Farmers Clash – Osun Choosed Counting And Profiling Of Herders



The Osun state government has officially stated that it is willing to start collecting data to improve the appropriate profile of herders residing in the state.

The state government said that the mass enumeration and counting of migrants and immigrants in the state is to strengthen the cordial relationship and peaceful coexistence between the Fulani / Bororo herders and the Yoruba farmers.



This was revealed shortly after a meeting called by the leadership of the State Committee on Peaceful Coexistence between Fulani/Bororo Farmers and Crop Farmers held with the chiefs of Fulanis and Bororos known as “Serikis” at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in Osogbo.



The Serikis pledged their cooperation and support to the government and pledged to continue living in peace with the people of their respective host communities in the state.


Addressing reporters shortly after the meeting, committee chair Mudasiru Toogun said the decision was necessary as part of efforts to update statistics and data on immigrants living in the state.



He said the initiative would help determine the immigrant population to prevent any form of security threat that may arise from the uncontrolled influx of immigrants.

Toogun noted that the initiative would further help provide the government with an idea of ​​the necessary infrastructure facilities that need to be made to support Fulani and Bororo immigrants living in the state.

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The committee chairman, who applauded the participants, who were largely heads of Fulanis and Bororos, said that Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s administration would leave no stone unturned to ensure peaceful cohabitation between Yoruba farmers and Fulani/Bororo herders.



Toogun said the state had developed a modality to begin issuing identity cards to the Fulanis and Bororos living in the state as a means of identification, confirmation and authentication, and said the initiative would further help stem the wave of incessant security challenges.



He said the initiative would go a long way in helping to separate “the wheat from the hub” and remove the rotten eggs from each other.

He said the state was determined to curb the influx of illegal and unregistered herders migrating to the state, as the borders would be guarded against incursions.



“The essence of this meeting is to meet our people – the Fulani / Bororo community to sensitize them on the need to continue strengthening the existing bond of unity, peaceful coexistence and union.



“As we all know and as reported in the media, some states in the country are facing a serious security threat as a result of the Fulani-Bororo and Crops Farmers crisis. As such, we felt it was necessary to convene this meeting to further strengthen the bond that unites us as brothers and sisters.