Nini Task: Saga Might Exit This Show Cross Cries Out

BBNaija Cross da Boss
BBNaija Cross da Boss


Big Brother Naija 2021 (BBNaija) Season 6 Shine Ya Eye Reality Live Show housemate Cross disclosed to his fellow housemates about the sudden disappearance of Nini, that Saga might just decide to exit this show if Nini didn’t show up.

Cross (Cross da boss) during a conversation with Pere on Wednesday, Pere suggested that he felt some type of altercation might have happened between Saga and Nini which led to her sudden exit.

He further went on to state that whatever it was that happened, Nini’s sudden exit from the show wasn’t called for, Cross said that whatever it was that happened can only be explained better by Nini and Saga.

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According to him, Nini is the only one that knows what Saga might have said to her which made her take the decision she took.

Nobody was there with them when they had whatever conversation or altercation they might have had.

Its only Nini that knows what Saga said to her. And from his behavior I feel like he’s feeling bad probably for something he might have said. Whatever it is they are the only ones that know.

But that guy isn’t in a good state so I fear he might want to take a voluntary exit if she doesn’t come back.

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However, While few of the housemates were conversing in the dining talking about relationships and marriage, Cross disclosed that he dates, but he doesn’t do girlfriends.

Cross explaining this further said he doesn’t ask girls out, and if he does, he plans on marrying the girl. Using Angel as an example, he stated that if he gets to ask her to be his girlfriend, then in a few weeks, they will be married.

Angel, Cross
Angel, Cross

He jokingly added that Angel would be called Angel Cross Okonkwo if they get married, and Angel responding to this said she would like to keep her name so she would bear Smith Cross Okonkwo.

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Angel further added that Cross could also bear her surname, but he declined.