OBj – Cliché Freestyle Lyrics

Cliché Freestyle Lyrics By OBj

Many days, contemplated stopping altogether
But there’s a risk element in every endeavor
Doing things without knowing the results is brave
But I couldn’t stop even when I tried so I gave this my undivided attention
Like the finals on
And I do not have to mention, this ain’t my final form
And I have got a confession

When I write a song, I know it is a blessing, even the way the lines come along
If you ain’t bobbing your head then you pro’ly have a stroke
And she don’t really love you, she just needs her ego stroked
While she dey collect some strokes from another guy
I hope you know say e no be joke
N**** you for fear these hoes
But my fear of hoes ain’t stronger than my fear of being broke

And that’s why I can’t keep keeping all these raps inside my notes
Chale that’s why every chance I get I hit the studio
N**** that’s why every chance I get I’m spitting all these flows
So sit down, be humble
These bars, I run through
Mic check, one two
Two things I can’t do? Forget my worth and be running out of rhymes
Social media got the youth feeling they’re running out of time

Especially if they’re over eighteen
Everyone’s season is different, yours can’t be the same thing
So make you no watch anybody
“You don’t need no other body” is what I used to say
Trying to convince a babe, I tried to get her just to love me
Time is of the essence, ain’t give me the time of day
Always tryna see you like, just give me the time and day
But be like your mind no dey

So I just kept my distance and I had to stay away
Tell me why now she triple texting me every single day
This is what I’m trying to say
Situation tomorrow might not be the same as today
I don’t mean to sound cliché
I don’t mean to sound cliché
To all those whose names we type with dove emojis, R.I.P, we can’t forget your legacy
You did what you could before your time to leave
I’m just tryna do same, be the best I can be, be, be
Be the best I can be, be, be
I don’t mean to sound cliché