OBj ft. FJace – Back n Forth Lyrics

Back n Forth Lyrics By OBj ft. FJace

Call me your bossu or call me the best, whichever you prefer, I no go force you
The way I abuse every beat, I think I should face a lawsuit
Acting hard on the internet? Real life, you go talk true
You go talk true, talk true like somebody who doesn’t lie
If your name ain’t Jace or Jaleel, bar for bar you can’t survive
Can’t survive
Hide, my guy
We the type of guys who make your type of guys run and hide

Catch me slipping on my blind side? Stanley’s covered mine
Even if he slips, Kevin’s there, my slime
They don’t rhyme, but they’ll make your lacking and your lack of rhymes be publicized
The throne is ours, you can’t deny, back up and just watch us take it
Cape activated in the booth but to hoes I’m satan
Me ne Jace, yεyε tag team
N***** slept on us and now they scared, that’s a bad dream
Cash rules everything around me, I need that C.R.E.A.M like I’m ashy

And don’t ask me who the hardest
I will burn mics, I will turn mics to ash please, like the color grey
Don’t know any other way
Singing, trapping, rapping, I kill it either way
It all depends
Heard your shit, wasn’t feeling it, and I had to play mine as a cleanse
We were skipping yours, we was getting bored
Then I thanked the Lord, now I’m feeling blessed
What you know ’bout stank face flows?

Million dollar, bank-made flows
No pressure when the stakes high, oh yeah that’s just because I stakehold
Stakeholder in a Range Rover
What is an L? I can’t take those
Who that n****? That ain’t bro
Said I’d rather go to the bank than back and forth with lame hoes
Right now, I’m going Back n Forth on a track with FJace bro
And I always raise the bar cuz that’s just how I was raised bro

My mama told me “Son, don’t just get close to God, you should stay close”
My dad said “Use your time wisely” so I save time but can’t save hoes
It’s crazy that you don’t smoke cuz I fw your pass
I double and triple the stacks, as simple as that
Subtract a n**** if your chats no dey add, that’s when I’m good with my math
No vex, my dawg, you good, you try, but just being honest you not in my class

Not being cocky, just stating the facts
Now back to the racks
I need my mama in condos, my sister in Bentleys, that’s why I dey speed on the tracks
I’m tryna back in the back of a ‘Bach with a bitch that be fly, getting head to relax
I told my boys “It be time”
I be killing and killing the verses to purge all the cap

Trapping or singing or rappity-rap
Say you believe it, imagine and dash
Pay respect, whether cash or check, need a better cut like I changed barbers
Been the drippiest and the coldest yes and that’s way before any rain started
Yεn na yεte so sesia
Sε me ka kyerε wo debia
Me ne Jace yasεi bεbiaa