Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Warns FG Mbaka Allegedly Missing

Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Warns FG Mbaka Allegedly Missing
Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Warns FG Mbaka Allegedly Missing


The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide Youth Council, OYC, raised the alarm on Wednesday about the whereabouts of the ardent priest of Enugu, the Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

Worship Ministry cleric Enugu has been in the news after he asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign.




This was followed by a revelation by the presidency that he was attacking Buhari because he was denied a contract.

The Ohanaeze Youth Council has now claimed that the priest was missing.

In a statement issued by OYC President General Mazi Okwu Nnabuike, he said that Mbaka was last seen on Tuesday, adding that all efforts to track him down had failed.




“We know in good faith that his assistants have not seen or heard from him since Tuesday.

“The calls made to his mobile line have also gone unanswered; this has now prompted us to raise this alarm, as we would not take it lightly if something adverse were to happen to you.

“We are giving the federal government 48 hours to introduce the priest, otherwise they should be ready to face the Igbo youth. They were dining and drinking with him the entire time and now that he was telling the truth, they are no longer comfortable with him.

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“That nothing happens to Rev. P. Ejike Mbaka. He will not benefit anyone, ”the group warned.



Meanwhile, Close advisers to the Catholic cleric, but they declined to comment, noting that the picture was still unclear.

“Today is Wednesday’s program, ‘E no dey again’, if he does not officiate, then it will be clear that something is wrong,” said one of them.

But a source who declined to be identified revealed that he was last seen yesterday, Tuesday, when he left to honor an invitation from his bishop.

After the apprehension, all the youth from the ministry have been summoned to the Worship field.




The message inviting young people to the Worship field obtained said: “Important!

“Good morning friends and supporters. Please, if he knows that he defends justice and does not want the only voice that speaks for the poor in this country to be silenced, gather in the field of Adoration, we are going to protest in the bishops’ court.

“P. Mbaka is nowhere to be found. Yesterday he went to answer the bishop’s call and until now he has not answered his calls. Let’s meet! SSG “.