O’Kenneth – Breaks Lyrics

Breaks Lyrics By O’Kenneth

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

See no competition in my way eh!
Just me and my brakes
Ability to demonstrate
Can’t me afford to waste
That’s opps job well
They doing great
Me down for sure
Would definitely be their gain

Agility to move in between
With no haste
I be laughing in their face
Caterpillar later
Bloom to be in the air space
This how
I know negga would be great
In health in sickness
Can’t affords no breaks
All times driven
Eyes still onna chase

People talk trash
But prize still amount to a size
You can’t afford to look down or walk away
Discipline as it is
Can’t be in the trap late composure
I keep it 100
Looking intact all straight
Even if it comes like a thief in the night
To a watch dog on a frontline
It won’t look strange

They say
Am possessed
Am forgotten saint
Have fallen from grace
Sipping lean syrup
Back woods ashes on the tray
Chrome heart jacket got me creasing
Came with a fleet
In your town
We make it rain

We shoot reengage
I got goons who don’t want me,
What they on is pain
A wise one said
It only hurts when
There’s room for a gain (gain gain)

Ehh akatafoc ben niee
Womo huuhuuhu kyen
Sisere eh
Sam aduro o
Barima eh
Bomu ba
Te wuu

Asi eh
Akatafoc ben niee
Womo huuhuuhu kyen
Sisere eh
Sam aduro o
Barima eh
Bomu ba
Te wuu
Asi eh

Y3 b3 yaa da
Y3 tistree (street)
Ya pue
De3 gu me mu worke me
Hw3 me ho nfifire
De3 y3me
De3 3y3 me
Esan y3 me y3 me yie
Mekaa s3 mekc far
3ny3 n3
Wo na wantie
Talking ’bout
Girl what you talking ’bout (hey)
I had a lotta doubts
My insecurity

Made me go south
To calculate my way up
I had to master both routes
I head the north it was hot scorched but
I couldn’t stop
I knew times it was harder times
Na me t)n nkok)
Mastered faith I couldn’t flop stop stop
I been collecting calls
Now wait till I drop on your top top

Akatafoc ben niee
Womo huuhuuhu
Sam aduro o
Barima eh
Bomu ba te wuu
Asi eh