O’Kenneth – Nante Lyrics

Nante Lyrics By O’Kenneth

My life is movie no director
Pull up on dem all surrender
Demon time obey commander
You are not from my circle you’re not in the sector

I don’t talk much menp3 kasa
Fa mede3 ma me before I scatter
Grrrr that’s a murder
If persuasion fails force na eeba
Which one the selector
The 44.2 works
Out here she wanting d*ckin
She a beggar
Done am kicking it long to bro like beckham

Swing that thing on opp boy in the
Function the rest will scatter
Wa**a wa**sa
Pray on my down fall
I know that boy a
Menp3 gyimii long
We nwiii jon

Wohu s3 y3 kesmo (smoke) believe skong
Asakaa is the release song
Y33 jamme (jamming) y3 br3 aa we live on
Of course they ain’t goodie
Menim akatafoc ba
They always in a hoodie
When they come outside of course
They will bully
I throw my bees in the sky in my hoody

Y3 de di wo a y3 de adi wo
I don’t give an f
Oho gye you deserve
Cj madwuma aa no no grand theft
Okaa s3 y3 dodo) aa no no one left
One down

One left
If am hit
I know my neggas won’t rest
Pin that thang
Till they see death
Their mamas cellys won’t won’t
Neggas want try me
He can’t

4.4 brand new naw you can
I test
37 aa
Y3 jacke
I know negga
Last moni yo
He do it best

Y3 rushe no
He confess
Y3 hyia no mall
Panicke naw
He going b) steps
b*tch negga
We were onto him
After all the hand tan not wasn’t on