O’Kenneth – Till Finish Lyrics

Till Finish Lyrics By O’Kenneth

Did you believe the work was finished?
Every season there’s a new demon
They said
Every truth they told
Is clear as the sky
Am even not fall from finish
I pray l land myself with whole lots
With my broskis
My weakness
Never control me

Fire can’t cool like quench
The whole team
It’s get lonely
I ride fa my bladah
He tuck gaga
He ride fa me
I know my neggaz gonna hold it down
When they no hold freedom

I know my story won’t be sold cheap
Would a beacon
My tales would the sang on the lips of the kids
When I live on
Run away
Don’t know my story would you fit in your
Don’t follow rules
If am starting

King cut different in any ways
Menim akatafoc bi a cmo pie ha no talking
Menim nkraabone bi a cmo pie ha quick action
Forgetti y3nsuro obiaa y3te biibi a no questions
Trust me eish y3nnim obiaa 3si seisia no dulling
3si seisia straight causing
Me ne me boys no straight ballin
Ring ring ring ring the street calling
Don’t trust no one I’m so sorry
Makaveli we still thugging
From anadwo to morning

We coming for u we ain’t stopping
Only nyankopong we trust in
Muthafvcka mention my name in vain
And that will be the last thing u ever mention
Yatoto yani awe we dey craze we been striving,
Trappin all season
U know we came from the trenches
Call on all all my niqqas
We run run running the digits
On the grind every minute