Pooh Shiesty – Federal Contraband Lyrics (Freestyle)

Federal Contraband Lyrics By Pooh Shiesty (Freestyle)

From the federal prison, you will not be charged for this call
This call is from the Big Blrrrd (Once again, I’m locked in with TP, we finna make a hit)
Yeah, CEO checkin’ in, what the f*ck’s choppin’?
Know it’s been a minute since y’all heard from the one and only
But don’t never doubt me or compare to a phony, man
Don’t never question or worry about sh*t happening to me
Worry ’bout what I’ma do for a mothaf*cka

First time switchin’ up the vent, I get versatile and all
I been f*cked up, in my feelings, don’t wanna talk, just playin’ it off
Pay attention, sh*t hit different when you stuck behind that wall
But I don’t regret it, sharpen my tool ’cause sh*t ain’t go as I thought
Damn, they tryin’ throw dirt on my legacy
Built like a mountain, they wanna see me fall
Twenty H*es naked, first dial, he called
Switch the location, I ain’t goin’ in raw

Play with my moves, no out of bounds
Speak to my b*tch, thought she was lyin’ every time she say she hold me down
Hard times, you gon’ find out who really love you or your clout
In a f*cked up situation you won’t recognize my mouth
Held my pain in long enough, this what I sound like, breakin’ down
I got locked, n****s stopped doin’ sh*t, they wouldn’t if I was ’round
Like they happy I went federal, see what that hate about
I’ma make sure your fingers get cut off since you count me out
My granddaddy pa**ed away the other day, I just found out

sh*t crazy, rest in peace, you’ll forever live through me, blrrrd, ayy
I’m goin’ through too much smoke at once, prayin’ to God can help me clear it
Standin’ ten for Tee Da P, I know you watchin’, can you hear me?
On the jail call with Ma Dukes, she say your name, my eyes get teary
Just keep callin’ me my angels, that sh*t scary but I don’t fear it
Step alone, my fallen soldiers all I need for my security
Don’t hold grudges, I still love you
Just don’t want you nowhere near me

In my cell, I’m tryna digest who really love and who fear me
Washin’ my clothes in the sink, no more two thousand dollar Amiri jeans
Ask my cellie, AP, we up early, daily, pullin’ schemes
My skin glowin’ since I been sober, can’t go back to sippin’ lean
My mindset got different, I’m in prison before I’m sentenced
They don’t even know the life I’m livin’
They tryna paint the pic’ of a menace
I need a second chance to get out
My opposer way too different

That’s enough of all this sad sh*t
Let’s go back to poppin’, pimpin’
I can’t never turn my back on none of my b*tches from Memphis
Call me country ho a, got my Brooklyn ho a Bentley
I was told, “Get up and get it,” ran up racks in the pandemic
Tryna get rich or die slimin’, I touched millions off of rhymin’
Eight figure lil’ spinnin’ n****, pull triggers and get excited
n****s I thought was so loyal turned 6ix9ine in my indictment
I got morals ‘fore I bite some cheese I’ll lay down and keep quiet

All my b*tches send me nudes, they pa** out mail, I get to smilin’
Got to laugh to keep from cryin’, way too much sh*t on my shoulders
I thought I was movin’ smart, this sh*t now make it more colder
Book me now get an arena, South Memphis baby went global
Want 175 a show so ain’t no more janky promoter
I pack my favorite cologne, this six thousand dollar odor
Need a drug, you don’t spend, I can’t buy the sh*t you sellin’
f*ck a co-d, I move solo, mission time, Shiesty get selfish

Only two kings out of Memphis, I know of that’s me and Elvis
Glock stay in my jumpsuit, poker keep scratchin’ my pelvis
We shootin’ dice for noodles, I went through your whole commissary, yeah, ayy
See, used to two slide on, blind as sh*t but now I see
I brought hip-hop back, the industry watered down without me
Dumb love for my n**** Smurk but I’m the real voice of the street

Don’t condone in dyin’ hair, wearin’ purses and skinny jeans
Ayy, I’ma be back in a minute, won’t be too long ’til I’m free, yeah
Ayy, won’t be too long ’til I’m free, won’t be too long ’til I’m free
Watch out bro
I tried to drop some sh*t with Dolph and Gotti, called a n**** murked
Let Gucci squash sh*t with me and Kodak ’cause it wasn’t even worth it
Hate that sh*t happened with Von, left me with two open verses
Shiesty gon’ be back in a minute, right now, go check in with 30, blrrrd

I still remain untouched and un-f*cked-with-able
Still talkin’ my sh*t like I’m AP3, still poppin’ king sh*t
Still havin’ my way like a king, eat like a king, and thinkin’ like one
Ain’t sh*t changed but how my clothes get washed
And all these doors that’s locked, you hear me?
I heard n****s been gettin’ bold
I heard n****s got bald now, n****s ain’t hidin’ no more
They think it’s over wit’ for me, it’s o- okay, that’s cool, though
It’s just a brief mission, after these few years I’m back solid
I’m goin ghost, you gon’ feel me, if you need to hear me
So keep that same energy, I still see everything

Cooperatin’-a** n****s, man
My sh*t public record, come look me up
No 5K1, no rule thirty-five
Rats don’t run in my blood, we bullets
We don’t keep sh*t solid, either, we keep it concrete
Five o’clock channel, you don’t give me a break
Take Shiesty out my name if you heard me on PC
I don’t know what the f*ck that is or look like, n****, I shook the feds, blrrrd

There’s a lotta mothaf*ckers happy I’m put up right now
But that’s what you call p*ssy, I been knew all that love was fake
That’s why I wasn’t made up at all, I still got one foot on you n****s’ necks
Y’all just could breathe a lil’ bit now ’cause I’m away
But it gon’ takes more than tomatoes to catch up with me, you hear me?
I ran up ten million in two years off tellin’ my life story
And I got more power than money
But it’s something you can’t buy, when the youngings in charge

I done been through more sh*t than a ninety-nine year old, though
I’m with before you know it
I’m just takin’ this sh*t one day at a time, all I do is smoke, eat and terrorize
I take over sh*t everywhere I go
n****, I’m locked up, but my mind still free
Can’t lock that up, I’m in a worse situation but I’m at my best right now
It don’t get no bigger than this
From the biggest Blrrrd