Prof. Daniel Saror – Those who claim that Benue people kill each other should check themselves.

Former Senate minority leader Professor Daniel Saror has warned those who claim that Benue’s people are killing each other. He also told the perpetrators to test themselves responding to a press conference in Abuja hosted by Minister for Special a**ignments and Intergovernmental Affairs, Senator George Akoume, Saror said that any politician who justifies armed shepherds after state a**a**inations and blames Benue’s people should forget about his ambition for the upcoming 2023 general election. of the year.

Saror, former vice-chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria issued the warning on Tuesday while speaking to reporters Saror said the actions of armed shepherds in the state damaged the rural population, who could no longer walk to their farms without fear of being shot by looters.

Saror said that some communities in Makurdi, Guma-Agatu, Logo, Kwanda, as well as in the local self-government areas of Katsina-Ala were captured by armed shepherds, who drove the indigenous people from their ancestral homes.

Saror said: “In Benue, parts of the state were forever taken over by the Fulani shepherds. People who never lived in houses are now driving out Aboriginal people and occupying their homes.

“However, some argue that Benue’s people are killing each other, which is absurd. Benue had his own problems with the community. These are pockets, this is not an organized widespread thing.

“Those who said that the Benue people were killing each other, and not the armed shepherds, should take part in the elections and see if they win, no Saror continued, “It’s so stupid to say because people know it’s not true. They saw that people came from outside to kill them, to take over their land, and they are still there.

“There are four council chambers in the Katsina-Ala LGA, which are not a go zone. And the same is in the Kwande LGA in the region of the Moon. It’s the same with Logo LGA. Many people in Guma LGA live here in Makurdi town. They left their villages. It’s the same with Agatha. So is it because they are killing each other? This is the insecurity caused by the predominance of armed shepherds. “