Saweetie Claims Migos Rapper Provided Intimacy To Other Women

Saweetie Claims Migos Rapper Provided Intimacy To Other Women
Saweetie Claims Migos Rapper Provided Intimacy To Other Women


Saweetie (Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper) has confirmed speculation that she has split from boyfriend Quavo (Quavious Keyate Marshall) after two years together Speculation that Saweetie, 27, and Quavo, 29, had parted ways began earlier this month when some fans noticed that they had been unfollowed on Instagram Saweetie took to her Twitter earlier today to announce that she has parted ways with Quavo She told fans of hers that she broke up with rapper Migos after enduring “betrayal and pain”, and that she suffered a “false narrative” circulating “that degrades her character” from her.



She also hinted that she broke up with Quavo because she believed he had been unfaithful to her “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and pain behind the scenes for a false narrative to circulate that degrades my character,” rapper Icy Girl tweeted. “Gifts don’t leave band-aid scars and love isn’t real when intimacy is given to other women Saweetie did not delve into the details of what she meant by “a false narrative” circulating about her. She also did not share details about what she meant by “love is not real when intimacy is given to other women.”



Quavo responds

“He loved you and I was disappointed that you did all that,” the rapper tweeted. “You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you the best. Quavo was upset that Saweetie appeared on the Justin Combs podcast
TMZ reported that a source close to the couple said that Quavo was upset about the split because he loved and supported Saweetie The source also said that Quavo was angry at Saweetie for her recent appearance on Justin LaBoy and Justin Combs’ Respectfully Justin on Revolt TV (see YouTube below).



Saweetie had previously dated Combs and Quavo felt that his appearance on the show by his ex-boyfriend was intended to disrespect her, according to TMZ Saweetie and Quavo were romantically linked for the first time in 2018 Saweetie and Quavo started dating in 2018 Monsters and Critics reported in December 2020 that fans began speculating how Saweetie was able to afford a private jet after the rapper took to social media to share a photo of what she claimed was her private jet.



Saweetie Claims Migos Rapper Provided Intimacy To Other Women Video

After much speculation about her net worth, some fans concluded that Quavo bought her the plane The couple was known for exchanging expensive gifts Last Christmas, Saweetie gifted Quavo with a 2021 Richard Mille factory-set diamond that reportedly cost around $ 300,000 Quavo returned the gesture extravagantly by presenting him with a custom luxury Bentley.