Sincerely Collins – All Of Me Lyrics

All Of Me Lyrics By Sincerely Collins

Why you gotta be so rude, I know every girl not you
You been on the back stroke, I been in the deep end ever since a n**** got through
Sittin at a red light blue, every time I think back to
That time your mind was aligned with mine, I was doin anything I had to
I admit I was seein past you, life hit I was feelin cashew (that’s nuts)
And the sh*t hurt deep but I played real cool like a n**** when he get a tattoo

I was off in the scene act two, cuz I’m favored I’m blessed achu
Those times in your eyes man they felt so real how we never gonna see that through
I know how many exes I got – a lot, but callin and texting bot – I’m not
I be hittin my flex on the block, girl you was next in the plot…
I was never the nerd or the jock, but you had the cheerleader spot
The popular girl rockin everyone’s world and riply believe it or not

I gave you all of me
I always said you were a catch, you dropped the ball to me
I can’t just let you take advantage this the stronger me
I waited summer winter spring for you to fall for me
We fell like autumn leaves

It’s just occurring to me, I took it personally
But it’s for certain babe, you were the female version of me
A few before me but, you was still a virgin to me
So this is urgent to me, and who I’m learning to be
I still reminisce about your water falls, mmm them waterfalls
They must say, don’t go chasing waterfalls, cuz the water falls
Do you feel like you got it all, do you miss me or not at all

Cuz you ain’t twisting the plot at all
You ain’t nothing like the girl I taught at all
Life hit I was feeling cashew
I admit I was seeing past you
That time when your mind was aligned with mine
I was doing anything I had to
Every time I think back to, sitting at the red light blue
You been on the back stroke, I been on the deep end
Ever since a n**** got through