Strategic Leadership Helps Nigeria Cope With COVID-19 VP Osinbajo says



Osinbajo revealed that Strategic Leadership will help Nigeria Cope Amidst COVID-19

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo revealed that following a presidential decree in 2020, Nigeria was able to effectively tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by deploying a flexible and efficient public health system, while more developed and wealthy countries struggled to cope with the COVID epidemic. 19. consequences of the global pandemic.

Osinbajo, who announced this at the public presentation of the book “Conquering Leadership” by Major-General Pat Akem-Vingir  (retired), said the move was a good example of strategic leadership in a crisis.

According to Osinbajo, with the daunting challenges of the 21st century, such kind of leadership, which can effectively mobilize national and organizational resources to achieve results, is more important now than ever.
He said Nigeria’s COVID-19 response had been celebrated locally and internationally as a result of such strategic leadership.

Osinbajo mentioned the establishment of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, an inter-ministerial interagency team led by the Secretary of the Government of the Federation (SGF) as a reference.
He said: “As General Pat Akem argues that Winning Leadership that knowledgeable and agile leadership at the strategic level can mobilize resources – human, financial and material – of nations and organizations – in an effective and result-oriented manner. Such leadership can attain goals and visions and also be able to protect and promote interests. In other words, effective strategic leadership purposefully provides direction and inspires.

“One of the biggest surprises for many was how some of the wealthiest and most developed economies of the world were tragically unprepared to handle a public health crisis on the scale and uncertainty of COVID-19.
“Whereas countries with more modest economic profiles, quickly deployed a public health framework that was responsive and effective.

“The task force swiftly issued and enforced COVID-19 protocols for travel and general movement. We restricted travel into Nigeria before most OECD countries did. Once the first case was discovered, the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases, in Ede gave Africa the first genomic sequence for Coronavirus SARS 2. When the first doses of vaccines came, the task force developed the protocols and the public health system already used to mass vaccination campaigns, deployed across the country in every nook and cranny of Nigeria so that the first eligible vaccine candidates received their vaccinations seamlessly.”

“As a nation, the threats to our corporate existence today are unprecedented and hitherto unimagined. It is against this background that the author’s prescriptions have to be taken seriously. As he pointed out, exceptional leaders do not just emerge, they are the products of deliberate efforts in policymaking, training, and grooming.”

While acknowledging that there are no silver bullets that leaders can deploy to solve 21st Century economic, social, and security challenges, Osinbajo stated that only knowledgeable, well-developed, trained, and motivated leaders will win.
“The strategies and techniques of yesterday will not work today, in the corporate workplace, in our public institutions, and even in our homes. Thanks in no small part to the leaps made in technological advancement.

The advent of social media has completely changed the nature of human interactions, and with that has added layers of ambiguity and complexity in state-corporate relations. In terms of human capital, what drives today’s workforce is very different even from just two decades ago,” he added.
Osinbajo described the book as an essential contribution to the existing body of knowledge on the subject of strategic leadership.

He also wrote that its public presentation was timely and coming at the most auspicious moment in our nation’s history.
His reports: “Major General Pat Akem-Vingir has outdone himself with this important new book, and he has articulated military strategies and fresh thinking on the concept of strategic leadership.

There are many books and ideas on leadership but one of the reasons why I think this book Winning Leadership is unique in that it draws from the best scholars in the world on the subject—leaders of advanced militaries and C-suite leaders of international organizations and institutions.”