The Billionaire’s Nanny Episode 21

🍭 The 🍭

🍒 Billionaire’s 🍒


💐 She’s Mine 😋😋


💋 Sophie 💋 Don’t tell me you still want to..”

” Of course I won’t stop getting to my promised land not until you give me those four children’s,” He said trying to move closer to me…

” Get someone else for that !!” I yelled.

” Of course it’s you always Please!!” He pleaded.

” Oh okay, just..” he didn’t let me finish as he pulled me on top of him.

Tracing his wet lips down my collarbone and he finally got my lips.

” Sweet as ever ” he moans into my mouth as he swirls his tongue in my mouth.

The kiss was a gentle and sensational one which made me arched my back for more.

I was lost into the kiss and didn’t know his hands where already on my waist trying to pull down my Short’s.

He finally got his way as he pulls it off leaving me in my p*nt.

He got of me and removed his trouser and shirt leaving him in a boxer as I pulled off my singlets.

I wasn’t shy or scared whenever I’m naked in front of him , I could see him bitting his lips as I unlock the clasp to my bra.

I throw the bra to the floor as he mount is lips on my left bre*st s*cking it like he was drinking water.

” Uhmm oh geez!!” I moaned loudly.

He placed his hands on the right side as he mould on it softly but it kinda pains me.

He stopped s*cking on it and I let out a hard pant then I noticed him staring into my eyes .

Definitely he was trying to..

“Ahhh ” i yelped as he slid two fingers in my clit.

It was going slow as I moaned softly into his neck then he begin to fingers me hardly.

He noticed the tiredness and pain in my eyes as he buries is mouth in my neck.

” Umm!!

He was doing three things at the same time, kissing my neck, moulding my breast and fingering me.

After rough handling me for like 15 minutes, he stopped and slips his boxer down revealing his big c*ck.

” Oh ” I blushed not knowing what was coming..

” You scared!” He asks.

” of course not, but you’re not getting that in me without using condom” i protested.

” You must be joking, who does that ! ” He asks a little pissed.

I hate seeing him angry so I just succumb to Him.

He got on top of me and inserted his big d*ck into me as he begin thrusting mercilessly

Oh f*ck !

He was going all in as he held up my face and kissed me softly.

It was the best feeling..

Well of course S3X with Hardin is.

“Oh, yeah…

Hmm !!

I closed my eyes tightly as I moaned Loudly.

He began to pant heavily as he drills into my c*it.

He holds my hair as he thrust harder hitting my G spot.

” Ouch ..

” Oh God..

” Hardin ….

” Ride me ” he orders as he carries me on him.

I sat on his d*ck and was going slowly on it as he moans softly but then he grabbed my tiny waist and begin to stomp me on him.

Due to this, my body is already familiar with the process of it as I moved my body jerkingly on him..

He returns me back to our previous position as he continues the same motion

I could feel him cumming when he groans and soon, he pulled out of me as releases inside me.

I could feel it in me..

We pulled apart and fall on the bed laying beside me as we took in deep breaths.


I quickly wake up on hearing the knock which was definitely coming from the door…

” Who’s there ?” I ask covering my naked body with the duvet.

” Mommy it’s me ” I hear Miya’s voice as I walked to the door.

” Hey ” I smiled at her.

” You sleeping ?” She asks walking in.

” Just woke up , Where’s Xavier and Xander ?” I asks her as I cover up Hardin.

” They are playing downs…”

She didn’t finish talking when they both run in …

You surprised right 🙃

This two loving and cute boy’s are Mine..

Xander and Xavier …. My twin…

” Momma !!” They both chorused as they walk up to me..

” Are you okay ? ” I asks turning to them as they nod in response.

” Take them downstairs, I’ll get ready…

” I thought you’ve forgotten..” Miya replied smiling.

” Never, done soon .” I replied as I wink to her.

They got out of the room and I shake the sleepy Hardin..

” Get up or else they’ll eat you up alive !” I yelled angrily at him.

” Calm down beauty , i didn’t forget ..” he replied smirking.

I got down from the bed and went to the bathroom .


I wore a short jacket and a tight jean with a little bit of make up.

Hardin was already dressed up by the time i finished styling my hair.

He Pat’s his hands on my hair as he pick up his car keys and walked me downstairs.

My lovelies were done and sitting on the couch waiting for us…

” Let’s go !” I called onto them.

” Please close your eyes ” Hardin requested pleadingly .

” And why ..”

” Just do it ” he cuts me off and cover my mouth with his hand.

” Oh okay just don’t make my heart run out of my chest !” I muttered as he burst into laughter, i could hear the giggling of the kids.

I the Ray’s flashed to me when the door to outside opens and he placed something on my hand.

” Open ” he ordered and I opened my eyes .

I was standing in front of a …


I checked my fingers to see it was a car key placed on my hands.

” Don’t tell me you bought me a Rolls Royce !! ” I asked .

” It’s yours beauty and we’re taking that out today ” he replied and the kids cheered and clapped loudly.

I was lost of words as I stand like a statue , tears build up in my eyes…

And finally I let it out… And jumped on him.

” Thank you so much 😘” I hugged him tightly.

” You worth more than that ..” he replied fl*rty.

” Congratulations mom ” Miya says as she joins the hug with her brother’s.

I was overwhelmed with this , I couldn’t thank Hardin enough for all he’s done for me …

There’s nothing I ask for that he never do , his love for me is truly unconditional.

” You ready to have fun ?” Hardin asks turning to Miya and the twins as they all squealed cheerly as their reply.

” Should I drive? ” I ask such an obvious question.

” Are you telling me to drive then ..?” He asks mimickly as I just smiled and walked to the door.

We drove to the most secured and beautiful park…

I hold Miya’s hand while Hardin holds Xavier and Xander.

💖 Hardin 💖

The car was just an expression of love to her ..

I’ll say there’s nothing, absolutely Nothing can get in between us except God and I pray he doesn’t..

We entered into the park and I hold my little boys hand , I’m a father of twins expecting two more…

I paid for our tickets and Sophie keeps rejecting to ride the ca**erole.

” It’s scary !!” She whines.

” Your kids aren’t scared of it yet you’re are ..” I said…

” Mommy Please!!” They pleaded and she nods in acceptance.

” Hooooo !!” She streamed and grabbed my arm while Miya and the twins squealed happily.

She breathe heavily as we got down and I quickly went to get are some water.

She gulped the water down and throat as her panting decrease, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her childish act.

” No more ca**erole, roller coaster or horse ride , just games ” i said furrowing my eyebrows.

As we grabbed our hands and jingled to the game room…

We weren’t playing just the kid’s..

” Okay sweethearts… The winner of any game played is entitled to a toy castle ..” i said…

” Yayyyy ” Xander replied as he runs towards the gaming board .

The quiet and gentle Xavier walks to the game board too and Miya joins them too.

After playing like 12 different game’s…

” The winner of this gaming competition is MIYA …, XAVIER AND XANDER ” I announced and everyone was shocked most especially Sophie.

” But you said 1 ..” she complains..

” Would you like it if I buy a toy castle for one person .!” I asked raringly.

” That would be partial ..” she replies as it dawned on her.

” Better ..”

” I’m hungry..” Xander says tiredly as Xavier stomach growls loudly..

He cover’s his face in embarra**ment as everyone burst into laughter..

Beautiful almost hit someone’s car while trying to park in front of the Restaurant.

” Oh thank goodness !!!” I exclaimed on getting down from the car ..

There was already a note pad that has all their menus .

I roamed my eyes through the menu and picked the premium on the menu , pressing the buzzer on the table as one of the waiter run towards us..

” May I see what you’ve picked sir ? Oh your kids are lovely and cute ..” he remarks happily.

“Thanks” Sophie replied as he gave him the menu…

” Oh congratulations, you’ve picked the premium on our menu ” he says and I was confused about it.

” What does that mean ?” I asked anxiously.

” The first couple to choose the premium on our menu today are to engage in a couple moment that involves series of questions …”

” So ..” Sophie cuts in..

” If you get at least 3 questions right out of 6, you’ll win a box of Gifts…” He finished with a smiling face.

” Seems good but my kids are fu..” i stopped when I noticed Miya’s eyes on me .” Are hungry , so please get us the food first ‘ I requested.

” No worries sir , it’s on the way so are you in ? ” He asks and I stare into Sophie’s eyes for answer.

” Of course .” She replied..


” I’m full ” Miya says loudly as she drops her fork.

” Me too !!” Xavier finally talks.

The table is being cleaned as they clean up the table.

My kids face full of excitement and Sophie face seems scared.

🗣️ Our Lovely Couples …….!!! ” The masked man says into the mic.

What did you get yourself into Hardin!!!

It seems fun though..

Everyone was keenly interested in us as their attention was all on us , some even took pictures.

A young lady in her mid- twenties walked up to us with a pen and a note and gave it to us …

🗣️ You’ll have to answer the questions in it … So are you ready ?” He asks as he took his seat in the center.

” Yes they’re ready ” Miya replied.

🗣️ Okay, Who first tried or confesses their love? ” We both write it down immediately as I smiled at her..

🗣️ What was the first word you said to her the day you met her ? ” He asks again… You should write his word too ” he says to Sophie and she nods.

🗣️ First meal together ? He asks the third question.

🗣️ Most painful moments in your lives” he asks and I could see tears build up in her eyes .

🗣️ Your first kiss was in…?

🗣️ Her nickname ?” He asks and we were both confused ..” I mean a name he calls you and the name you call her The Best ” we let out a soft chuckle.

🗣️ Now to the last question and this isn’t a written question…” How would you show your love to her in here ?” Everyone’s face was filled with much expectant..

I stood up beaming a very brilliant smile and moved to Sophie’s side as I crouched beside her.

Miya, Xander and Xavier giggles as they cover their face with their palm though still peeking when they knew what I was about to do …

🗣️Kiss !🗣️ Kiss!🗣️ Kiss!🗣️Kiss! 🗣️Kiss !

The entire restaurant cheered…

Sophie’s face was filled with nervousness as I placed my lips gently on hers, kissing her softly.

We both stood up to get easy access as we kissed lovingly……….

” She’s Mine.

“Mine Alone.