The Queen Season 6: It all ends in tears

It all ends in tears – The Queen

It all ends in tears – The Queen


It all ends in tears – The Queen

Harriet Mathapelo gets revenge.
We all know The Queen is infamous for deaths at a wedding, but this Friday Harriet Mathapelo Khoza took it to another level.

We knew our queen was dying from a broken heart when Hector refused to fix their marriage and started treating her like nothing.

Harriet begged for his love and affection, while Sebata continued to berate her.

Although we knew it would go down for Hector as we saw her order a hit on him, the part that shook Mzansi was Thando and MaJali’s departure.

Love was in the air 

We were actually happy to see Thando and Bhambatha finally have their happy ending.

Thando has been through it all with the Khoza boys and we were excited that she finally found love with Bhambatha.

The engagement party started off so beautifully as the pair looked madly in love.

The Plot to kill Harriet

While the celebration of love was taking place, Cebo and MaJali were plotting the death of Harriet Khoza.

They were determined to do this themselves and so they set up their station and waited for their target to avail themselves.

However, things would go horribly wrong for them resulting in the death of Brutus’s wife, MaJali.

It ends in tears

H&H had the wedding of the century! Beautiful flowing expensive regalia, expensive decor, and a ring to match the opulence.

But the marriage was not meant to last, Harriet would never stand to be humiliated so she ended things on her terms.

Not only did Hector take the bullet, but Thando and MaJali ended up in the crossfire of death.

Mzansi was definitely shaken to see Thando Sebata go and expressed their disbelief at how it all ended for the Sebata family.

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The message is clear: fear women, fear Harriet Mathapelo Khoza.

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