The Rural Alberta Advantage – CANDU Lyrics

CANDU Lyrics By The Rural Alberta Advantage

Tether your hopes, on a city full of ghosts
You are all alone under Uranium City lights
As you screamed, through the Mezzanine
Waking up I know it’s hard to fill the hole with a dream

I know the vandals won’t strike twice
While there’s bodies there in the mines
I know the tailings build the roads
I hope the radiations low

All these terrible decisions coming on
Are they coming for us or not?

Inside of me the poison screams
Running out of time to find the space and the need
I know its hard to negotiate the dream

I know you’re working in the cold
Still got your father’s eye in your skull
After the mines they all closed
You found your father in the snow

All these terrible decisions we forgot
Are they coming for us or not?

I want to give it time, grow up alone
Called from the mountain top
you said “all that’s left are tableaus”

“Maybe it’s a matter of time”
“Back on the on the edge of an open pit mine”
“Maybe it’s all working out”
“Never thought I’d be the one embracing the doubts”
“I know its hard to negotiate the dream”
“Maybe I can hear you scream”

I know its hard to negotiate the dream
Maybe I can hear you scream

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